'It's time to cancel Zionism': Hebrew University professor suspended after shocking remarks

After creating a petition against Israel, minimizing and flat out denying the horrors of October 7, as well as displaying overt hostility to the idea of Zionism, a law faculty lecturer has been suspended from Hebrew U; University says her remarks cynically take advantage of her academic freedom of expression 'for incitement and to create division'

In a rare move, Hebrew University has suspended a law faculty lecturer, Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, due to her statements against Israel and her involvement in a petition that accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza. The university had previously suggested that she consider leaving her position, but she remained and continued to voice her criticisms of Israel. The university stated that her remarks cynically take advantage of her academic freedom of expression “for incitement and to create division.”
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In recent television Shalhoub-Kevorkian stated: "It's time to cancel Zionism," and expressed doubt about the reported rape incidents on October 7, suggesting that any lie would be used to further a narrative. "They started with babies, they continued with rape, and they will continue with a million other lies. We stopped believing them, I hope the world stops believing them,” she said.
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פרופ' נדירה שלהוב-קיבורקיאן
פרופ' נדירה שלהוב-קיבורקיאן
Prof. Shalhoub-Kevorkian
(Photo: OPIS Zagreb / Shutterstock)
In response to her statements, Knesset member Sharren Haskel wrote to the Education Ministry, the Council for Higher Education, and the management of the Hebrew University, demanding clarifications and suggesting that the university consider dismissing Shalhoub-Kevorkian from her position. Following this, the professor was suspended.
In October, Hebrew University president, Professor Asher Cohen, suggested that it would be appropriate for her to consider leaving her position. "Accusing Israel of occupying Palestine for 75 years essentially tries to undermine the basis for the existence of the State of Israel. It is hard to exaggerate the severity and absurdity of this claim, which is not even supported by the UN," he said in a statement.
"Your terrible claim about the genocide that Israel is supposedly carrying out these days is not far from the crimes of incitement and rebellion – crimes that would allow us to bring you to disciplinary trial and demand your suspension or expulsion from the Hebrew University," he added. "The military operation that Israel is currently conducting in order to destroy the murderous terrorist organization Hamas does not come close to the definition of genocide according to international law. On the other hand, the terrible massacre carried out by Hamas on October 7 against Jews because they are Jews falls entirely within this definition."
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פרופ' אשר כהן, נשיא האוניברסיטה העברית
פרופ' אשר כהן, נשיא האוניברסיטה העברית
University President Asher Cohen
(Photo: Ohad Tzuigenberg)
In response to the controversy, the Hebrew University said in a statement that: "The Hebrew University vehemently rejects all her distorted statements. The Hebrew University is proud to be an Israeli, public, and Zionist institution. As in the past, the heads of the university reiterate their call for the professor to find another academic home that aligns with her positions at this stage, and in order to maintain a safe climate on campus for the benefit of our students the university has decided to suspend her from teaching."
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