'I left in tears': Spanish restaurant bars 'Zionists'

Madrid eatery Oveja Negra hangs pro-Palestinian posters in the establishment alongside ones calling for the destruction of Israel and announcing itself as an 'anti-Zionist zone' 

Tiki Golan|
Oveja Negra's antisemitic sign
(Video: Ben Yahav Nabet)

The vegan restaurant Oveja Negra in Madrid, Spain, placed a sign at its entrance that reads "ANTI-ZIONIST ZONE" against the background of the Palestinian flag. Ironically, the top of the sign reads "ZONE ANTI -RACISTE," meaning "anti-racist zone."
After images of the sign began going viral on X (formerly Twitter), the restaurant also posted a statement on its Instagram page, declaring itself an "anti-Zionist bar."
"Anyone who doesn’t see that what is happening in Palestine is genocide shouldn’t enter our doors," the restaurant wrote in an Instagram post. "Long live the Palestinian people’s struggle and the cessation of arms trade and relations with Israel."
The restaurant's racist sign angered many Israelis, who noted its similarity to Nazi signs that banned Jews from entering German establishments. "1930s vibes," read one comment to the sign’s photo on X.
Ben Yahav Nabet, an Israeli who has lived in Madrid for eight years, said on Saturday he arrived at the restaurant and confronted its staff. "A vegan friend who ate at the restaurant last week told me about the sign, so we went there yesterday to understand what was going on. I went in and asked why they put up that sign, and an employee started yelling at us.”
“I told them I am a proud Zionist and that the sign is racist and antisemitic and should be removed. They refused. It caused me to have a major trust issue with the Spanish; they yelled at us and accused us of being child murderers,” he added.
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שלט פרו פלסטיני בכניסה למסעדה טבעונית במדרד
שלט פרו פלסטיני בכניסה למסעדה טבעונית במדרד
Pro-Palestinian poster in the restaurant
(Photo: Ben Yahav Nabet)
Yahav Nabet didn’t give up and called the police. "The officers came and asked me what a Zionist is. They Googled it to understand if it was a movement or anything else. I showed the officer the sign at the entrance that says it is a liberal and non-racist place suitable for everyone except Zionists. Everyone can eat there except for a specific group."
Yahav Nabet also shared that the restaurant's racism and the staff's reaction shook him. "My whole body hurt; I left in tears. The incident left me devastated. They aren’t stupid, there’s no plausible explanation for this. I asked the officer if he knew what 'from the river to the sea' (pro-Palestinian chant calling for the elimination of Israel) meant. I explained it was akin to putting a Moroccan flag in place instead of the Spanish flag. I plan to press charges and would appreciate any possible help. They can’t be allowed to place such a sign on the wall."
The Oveja Negra restaurant didn’t respond to Ynet’s request for comment.
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