Israeli medic recounts attempt to save young girl whose hand was cut off by Hamas

Senior paramedic Linor Atias shares harrowing experience from Kibbutz Be'eri following Hamas attack, where she tried to save an 8-year-old girl from bleeding to death
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s international media spokesperson, Eylon Levy, continues to make public harrowing testimonies of paramedics who treated the wounded during the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. On Wednesday, Levy posted an interview on his X social media account with a senior paramedic, Linor Atias, who tried to treat a child in Kibbutz Be’eri who bled to death before she could be saved.
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“There was a little girl, around eight or nine years old, and they cut off her hand, cut it all, no hand. She was still breathing, she was shaking. And I performed a tourniquet but it was her last breathing [sic],” Atias told CNN in an interview.
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עדות של אשת מד"א על ילדה בת 9 שחמאס כרתו את ידה והיא דיממה למוות
עדות של אשת מד"א על ילדה בת 9 שחמאס כרתו את ידה והיא דיממה למוות
Linor Atias in an interview with CNN
(Photo: X)
“I wasn’t there earlier to save her. She just lost so many blood [sic] for hours. All by herself. No one was near her even. She was so afraid, her eyes, all by herself,” she added.
Atias was part of Israel’s United Hatzalah aid mission to earthquake-stricken areas in Turkey and Morocco after the quake left much damage, injuries and victims, where she provided medical assistance to many Muslims trapped or evacuated from the ruins.
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