Israel's UN ambassador gets threatening texts after displaying Hamas' phone number in Gaza

A day after Gilad Erdan publicized the telephone number of Hamas leadership on the floor of the UN, the terror group's supporters distributed the cell phone number of the ambassador, who received thousands of hateful messages and threats

In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday on Tuesday), Israel's UN ambassador, Gilad Erdan, displayed on a poster on the floor of the plenum the telephone number of the Hamas offices in Gaza , before the vote on a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. The number was presented next to a picture of the leader of Hamas in Gaza, with the caption: "For a cease-fire dial … ask for Yahya Sinwar."
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"If you want a real cease-fire, here is the right address," Erdan said. "Tell Hamas to put down their arms, turn themselves in, and return our hostages. This will bring a complete cease-fire that will last forever."
Hamas's revenge came on Wednesday, when Erdan's mobile phone number – which appears on the Knesset's website – was circulated in the terrorist organization's Telegram group.
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גלעד ארדן מציג את המספר של סינוואר בעצרת של האו"ם
גלעד ארדן מציג את המספר של סינוואר בעצרת של האו"ם
Gilad Erdan gives the phone number for Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly
After the number of the Israeli ambassador to the UN was published, Erdan's phone was flooded with thousands of threatening calls and WhatsApp messages
At the same time, there were attempts by hackers to break into Erdan's personal accounts on social media platforms.
One of the messages, which came from a number with an Indonesian prefix, read: "We can kill you in the near future."
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הודעות נאצה שקיבל גלעד ארדן
הודעות נאצה שקיבל גלעד ארדן
Messages received by Gilad Erdan
Another message read: "Where are you pigs? We are here, and your end will be very near. Palestine will win, and we will pray in Al-Aqsa and run over you scum. Allah Akbar."
Erdan's cell phone has been overwhelmed due to the thousands of messages he has received. He has been unable to make or receive calls, and filed a complaint with the state authorities.
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