'You are the one killing us, Sinwar!': Gazans increase their protests against Hamas

Protester in Gaza captured on video: 'Shame on you, Hamas movement, for what you are doing to us! Our children are dying... in the streets... we are lost, we don’t know why the guns are pointed at us'

Gaza citizens who are tired of living in the devastating conditions in the coastal strip have in recent days organized several and growing protest demonstrations against Hamas, despite the fact that they could easily be killed by the terrorist organization.

The Gaza's Liberators organization, which opposes the terrorist group, has been calling for demonstrations and began distributing leaflets against Hamas' policies. The group has recently been gaining traction in various parts of the Gaza Strip.
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On Thursday, video was made public of angry protesters in Jabaliya in northern Gaza. "This is an uprising of the hungry," one protester says into the camera, as shooting from Hamas guns at protesters are heard in the background. "These are hungry people, people with sick children... broken people, people sleeping in sewage, enduring extremely hard lives, people unable to find rest day or night."
"Hamas fires on the starving, those in their own homes. Isn’t it a pity? We don't want this war We seek peace, we want our children to go to school," he said.
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Gazans opposing Hamas
Gazans opposing Hamas
Gazans opposing Hamas
"What’s the justification, oh Sinwar, for your people to open fire like this? You are the one killing us, Sinwar! Not the Israeli military, but you are the one killing us," he said, referring to Hamas head in Gaza Yahya Sinwar. "Shame on you! Shame on you, Hamas! Our children are the victims, Hamas."
The protesters also chant: "Shame on you, Hamas movement! We are your people, the residents of Gaza. It's over; we are lost. Shame on you, Hamas movement, for what you are doing to us! Our children are dying... in the streets... we are lost, we don’t know why the guns are pointed at us."
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כרזות של ארגון "החופשיים של עזה"
כרזות של ארגון "החופשיים של עזה"
Protests against Hamas in Gaza
Demonstrations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip are becoming increasingly vocal, with protesters calling for the release of Israeli hostages and an end to the war. They are also criticizing the group's leaders, pointing out that these figures and their families are not affected by the ongoing hostilities with Israel.
As the war drags on, the world will begin to hear about more and more Gazan citizens coming out against Hamas, whose leadership is abandoning the residents to hunger and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, along with mass displacement that has caused thousands to lose their homes or suffer the deaths of family members. Meanwhile, the suffering Palestinian civilians know that the Hamas leadership is living in hotels in Doha and Istanbul, and that the Hamas leaders in Gaza have taken shelter in tunnels they built underneath the Strip.
Meanwhile, Hamas police are working to suppress the protests by shooting at civilians.
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