'She has a dead lifeless look': Mother worried about her daughter, a Hamas hostage

Simona Steinbacher, the mother of Doron - who is held captive in Gaza by Hamas terrorists, says it's encouraging to finally see her in a video released by the terrorists, but she is very worried about her well being

"She is skinny like we know everyone is there, but her eyes – I saw dead, lifeless look, eyes with no signs of life. It's terrible; imagine a mother seeing her daughter with nothing in her eyes; nothing, vacant eyes. It's awful. Doron has been through terrible things, and I want to get her and everyone out of there as quickly as possible," said Simona Steinbacher, the mother of Doron, 30, who was abducted from Gaza on October 7 by Hamas terrorists.
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Simona Steinbacher is referring to the video released by Hamas on Friday, showing Doron alongside Karina Ariev, 19, and Daniella Gilboa, 19. The video begins with the caption "Time is running out," indicating that the captives have been held for 107 days. Ynet chose not to include the specific statements made by the captives in the video, assuming they were coerced for psychological terror and propaganda purposes.
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סימונה, אימו של דורון שטיינבכר  בעצרת להחזרת החטופים ברחובות
סימונה, אימו של דורון שטיינבכר  בעצרת להחזרת החטופים ברחובות
Simona Steinbacher with a picture of her daughter Doron
(Photo: Dana Kopel)
"It's encouraging that we finally saw her because, until now, there was only a phone call and the recording where she said they captured her," Doron's mother shared. "But I am very, very worried. Look at her face, her sunken eyes, she looks pale. Part of it is because she's supposed to receive medications, which she hasn't received for 114 days, in addition to the harsh conditions of hunger and thirst all the captives are experiencing there. I am making a demand, a request, a plea – I don't know what else to say – to the prime minister and the cabinet: do everything possible to reach a deal that will release Doron and everyone else."
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דורון שטיינברכר
דורון שטיינברכר
Doron Steinbacher
In response to a question about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that the protests of the families of the hostages strengthen Hamas, Simona Steinbacher stated that what happened in Kfar Aza on October 7 was chaos, and now the families are fighting for the release of the hostages.
"Our family members in Gaza are in a horrific situation, they're experiencing nightmares, facing abuse, both men and women – women who are likely pregnant – and we need to get them out quickly before they give birth to Hamas' children in Gaza. That's what I'm demanding now," Doron's mother added, emphasizing that there won't be victory or consolation if the hostages do not return alive.
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