'They took us back 100 years, kill them': Gazans express frustration with Hamas in calls with IDF

Military releases recordings of conversations with residents of the Strip who curse Hamas, berate their leadership for enjoying hotels abroad while civilians suffer; ask IDF to fight until they destroy Hamas and kill its leaders

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit revealed Sunday recordings of conversations between Gaza residents and military intelligence operatives, expressing their frustration with the Hamas terror group that has been ruling the Strip and the cost of their actions to civilians.
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“They’re all there abroad staying in hotels”

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The civilians recorded by the military said they hoped that the IDF would continue its fight against the terror group until its defeat and removed from a position of power. "Kill them, on behalf of the people," one man said. "I'm sitting here alone, everything is destroyed while they are all abroad, staying in hotels," he said.
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תיעוד: כוחות צה"ל מחסלים מחבלים בחאן יונס
תיעוד: כוחות צה"ל מחסלים מחבלים בחאן יונס
IDF forces in Gaza
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"May God curse them and those who chose them," another resident of Gaza told the IDF intelligence soldier. "They destroyed us and took us back 100 years. May disaster befall them. We are captives of them (Hamas). These dogs are abusing their power over us."
Meanwhile, the IDF ground offensive continued, as forces identified two armed terrorists advancing toward a compound where troops were stationed. Swift action was taken as the ground forces directed an IDF aircraft to eliminate the terrorists, preventing their attack.
In Al-Atatra, IDF units discovered and neutralized several launch pits used for firing rockets into Israeli territory.
In a separate incident that unfolded in Khan Younis, troops pinpointed two armed terrorists. Coordinating with an IDF aircraft, the troops successfully eliminated the threat. Additionally, IDF tanks eliminated five terrorists and uncovered an underground shaft in the city's vicinity.
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