Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw study Hebrew ahead of their immigration to Israel

The Jewish Agency operates a Hebrew course for refugees who fled from the Russia-Ukraine war in Warsaw; 'We are not afraid to immigrate to Israel, we believe in the strong IDF that will protect all Israeli citizens and us'
Nineteen refugees from Ukraine, who escaped from the war with Russia and are currently residing in Warsaw, arrived this week at the offices of the Jewish Agency and are taking part in a Hebrew language course.
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Some of them plan to immigrate to Israel, some want to better understand the news or to better understand family members and friends living in the country. "We love Israeli culture, listen to songs in Hebrew, and follow the news," said some of the students.
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הסרט הצהוב על הקיר בכיתת הלימוד
הסרט הצהוב על הקיר בכיתת הלימוד
Jewish-Ukrainian refugees learning Hebrew next to the yellow ribbon symbolizing the hostages
Galina Denisova (57), who fled Ukraine with her daughter Yana and her two young grandchildren, arrived in Warsaw from Kharkiv and is currently in the process of preparing documents for immigration.
"We knew we would immigrate to Israel a few years ago; we were in the Jewish Agency seminars for immigration before COVID. When the war broke out, it was very scary; we sat in shelters and after a short time we fled from Kharkiv. We managed to get on one of the trains, after us everything was bombed," said Denisova.
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הפליטים מאוקראינה לומדים עברית
הפליטים מאוקראינה לומדים עברית
The Jewish refugees are learning Hebrew for Israel or just to better connect to their roots
"We are following with concern what is happening in Israel; our hearts ache for all the victims, and we wish for the return of the captives. We are not afraid to immigrate to Israel now; we believe in the strong IDF that will protect all Israeli citizens and us," she added
Yael Bernovsky, head of the Jewish Agency's office in Poland, concluded: "The Jewish-Ukrainian refugee community living in Warsaw and participating in the Jewish Agency activities, have been waiting to learn Hebrew. Knowledge of the Hebrew language connects the Jewish people to its roots, traditions, and allows Jews from all over the world to feel at home in Israel."
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