LA synagogue heads resign after covering hostage posters sparks backlash

HAMAKOM leaders tender their resignations in face of furor after faces of hostages held by Hamas covered to accommodate event for Muslims

The leadership of HAMAKOM, a Conservative synagogue in Los Angeles, California, resigned following a controversy that arose after photos circulated showing posters of Israeli hostages held by Hamas being covered up ahead of a Ramdan event that was scheduled to take place in the facility, sparking outrage among the community, as first reported by Ynet.
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In response to the threat of mass departures by hundreds of congregants, the synagogue's administration terminated its contract with the Muslim group that leased the facility for the event and convened an urgent meeting after which the board announced to members that its co-presidents had tendered their resignations.
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Faces of Hamas hostages covered to accommodate Muslim event
Faces of Hamas hostages covered to accommodate Muslim event
Hostage posters covered to accommodate Muslim event
(Photo: Courtesy)
"Our co-presidents have tendered their resignations from their positions. This decision comes in the wake of the challenges and introspection our congregation is currently undergoing," read a statement to congregants.
"We extend our deepest gratitude to them for their dedicated service, leadership, and the immeasurable contributions they have made to our community during their tenure. Their commitment to HAMAKOM has fostered a spirit of unity and growth, and while we respect their decision, they will be greatly missed in their roles."
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הזדהות למען השבת החטופים חטופים נעדרים שבויים שבי ארגון טרור חמאס מלחמה מלחמת חרבות ברזל
הזדהות למען השבת החטופים חטופים נעדרים שבויים שבי ארגון טרור חמאס מלחמה מלחמת חרבות ברזל
Mural calling for release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza, in Culver City, California
(Photo: Chris DELMAS / AFP)
The synagogue further said that it has appointed an interim president to lead it during a "period of organizational reflection and change" to "ensur[e] that our community continues to have strong leadership during these transformative times."
"We are confident that under this interim leadership, we will continue to make strides in addressing the immediate concerns of our congregation while also working diligently to strengthen our organizational practices for the long term. This period of transition offers us an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the principles that have always defined us as a community, ensuring that we emerge stronger, more unified, and more resilient," the statement concluded.
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