Hezbollah claims responsibility for blast that injured 4 IDF soldiers on northern border

IDF later reports that the explosion was inside Lebanese territory; one soldier with serious injuries and two more in moderate condition transferred to hospital for treatment

Hezbollah claimed responsibility on Monday for an explosion that injured four soldiers. The terror organization said it detonated the explosive charge after it noticed forces operating in the area.
The blast occurred "tens of meters" inside Lebanese territory, the IDF later reported. The explosive was planted in the area and detonated remotely by Hezbollah operatives when the Israeli forces were detected inside Lebanese territory.
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit reported earlier Monday that four IDF soldiers were injured, one seriously, in the explosion on the northern border; and said that the cause of the blast was not clear.
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יאיר קראוס בפעילות מבצעית עם לוחמים בגבול לבנון
יאיר קראוס בפעילות מבצעית עם לוחמים בגבול לבנון
IDF soldiers on the northern border
(Photo: Efi Sarir)
The soldiers – one in serious condition, two in moderate condition, and one with minor injuries – were evacuated to the Galilee Medical Center after one of them was given medical attention in the field.
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תרגילי הגברת מוכנות כוחות צה"ל בגבול הצפון
תרגילי הגברת מוכנות כוחות צה"ל בגבול הצפון
IDF soldiers in northern Israel
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
According to an early IDF report, the explosion took place during operational activity in the border area, and the circumstances that triggered it were still being examined with estimations saying it could have resulted from a Hezbollah munition or an old mine located in the area.
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First published: 12:23, 04.15.24
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