Hamas leaders in Gaza ignore political leadership abroad, report

Saudi paper claims leadership in Gaza making unilateral decisions on fighting, hostages, senior members of the terror group begin sending families out of Strip to Egypt, name brother of Yahya Sinwar as most important decision maker

Hamas leaders in Gaza, have begun making unilateral decisions on the fighting in the Strip and the possible release of Israeli captives, while ignoring the political leadership of the terror group that resides abroad, according to a report on Thursday, in the Saudi Arabian Elaph newspaper.
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The report describes Yahya Sinwar's brother Mohammed as the most important person in Gaza along with the commander of the Hamas military wing Mohammed Deif.
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סאלח אל-עארורי, איסמעיל הנייה ויחיא סינוואר
סאלח אל-עארורי, איסמעיל הנייה ויחיא סינוואר
Yahya Sinwar (left) with Ismail Haniyeh and slain Saleh al-Arouri
The paper reports that the terror group's leadership have began evacuating their families to Egypt, either clandestinely or out in the open.
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תיעוד מפעילות לוחמי גולני באל מראזי וחאן יונס
תיעוד מפעילות לוחמי גולני באל מראזי וחאן יונס
IDF troops in Khan Younis
(Photo: IDF)
Officials in Israel said on Wednesday that they were aware that there were contradicting responses from Hamas in and outside Gaza, in the negotiations for a new hostage release deal.
The officials also said the proposal put forth by Qatar, was a non-starter because it included Israel's withdrawal of its troops from Gaza and an end to the war, in exchange for the release of the Israeli captives. The war cabinet met on Wednesday to discuss the negotiations.
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