Netanyahu to Iran: Don't try us

Prime minister addresses Knesset winter session opening which then comes under rocket attack forcing lawmakers and visitors to seek shelter
Central Israel and Jerusalem came under a rocket attack on Monday afternoon. The sirens alerted of incoming fire, disrupted the opening of the winter session of parliament and sent lawmakers and guests into protected areas, soon after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ended his address. In it he warned Iran and Hezbollah, not to open a second front against Israel in the north.
"Don't try us," Netanyahu said. He said the objective is the destruction of the Hamas.
"In this war, we are all united. There are many questions about what had preceded the attack and we will investigate all but for now, we must fight the war together."
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מליאת הכנסת
מליאת הכנסת
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Knesset Winter Session opening
(Photo: Shalev Shalom )
The president praised the volunteering spirit of all Israelis who came regardless of religion or affiliation, in masses, to help in any way, in hospitals with the wounded, for the families who survived the massacre and the troops who are deployed to the border. " Few are the moments when a nation sees so much endangered but that is when heroes are revealed," he said.
Opposition leader Yair Lapid said Israel will triumph but it was caught at a time when it distanced itself from its democratic DNA. He said Israel will win and Hamas will be destroyed. "It will take time," he said. "If the world doesn't like it, so be it. Their children were not massacred, ours were."
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