The UK stands with Israel

After Hamas’ barbaric spilling of innocent blood, I wanted to make it absolutely clear that the United Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder with you all.

James Cleverly. UK Foreign Secretary |
I traveled to Israel this week with a single purpose: to show solidarity.
After Hamas’ barbaric spilling of innocent blood, I wanted to make it absolutely clear that the United Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder. with you all.
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Hamas claims to fight for freedom. And yet their thugs thought it right to attack a peace festival. They targeted the most vulnerable – ordinary civilians who started their day like any other only to be faced with heartless brutality. Their callous disregard for human life stands in direct opposition to our values.
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קיבוץ בארי לאחר הטבח
קיבוץ בארי לאחר הטבח
A family home in Be'eri set on fire by Hamas terrorists
(Photo: Gadi Kabalo )
I felt shocked to the core at the weekend by the brutal scenes of murder and abduction broadcast around the world. I was deeply moved today to meet survivors and relatives of the victims. They were displaying incredible fortitude in the most unimaginably difficult circumstances.
Hamas’ attacks were terrorism, plain and simple.
Our Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and the whole British government have been unequivocal in our condemnation. The United Kingdom completely supports Israel’s right to defend itself proportionately. It is false to equate Hamas’ heinous crimes and Israeli acts of self-defense. We are proud to offer our unwavering support to our friends in Israel, and I was proud to be the first G7 Foreign Minister able to pass that message in person.
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ביקור אלי כהן וג'יימס קלברלי באופקים
ביקור אלי כהן וג'יימס קלברלי באופקים
UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly
The most fundamental tool we have to tackle terrorism is strong relationships. The United Kingdom and Israel have a close strategic partnership, founded on the close connection between our people.
Tens of thousands of British nationals were in Israel as Hamas attacked, many of them dual nationals. Tragically, some of them are amongst the victims. Assisting their nationals in a crisis is a fundamental responsibility of any government. I am extremely grateful to my counterpart and dear friend, Eli Cohen, for the excellent cooperation with him and his team as we offer help to Brits in need.
We advise any British nationals in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to register their presence with the British Foreign Office. They should follow the detailed advice we keep updated in line with developments.
Israelis and the wider Jewish community in the UK have likewise been deeply affected by the horror wrought by Hamas. I find it frustrating and offensive that many of them now feel they are at greater risk. Ensuring the safety of the British Jewish community is an absolute priority for the British government, and we have moved swiftly to ensure they receive reassurance and support.
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הלווייתה של דנה פטרנקו
הלווייתה של דנה פטרנקו
Israelis bury their dead. The funeral of 23-year-old Dana Dana Paternaco
(Photo: Shir Torem / Reuters)
During my last visit to Israel, only a month ago, I spoke at the International Counter-Terrorism Summit in Herzliya. Our discussions then were a reminder that terrorist attacks have plagued the people of Israel for decades.
Nevertheless, the scale of the assault this weekend made it an unprecedented tragedy in Israel’s 75-year history. While Israel has been taking hugely positive steps in recent years to normalize her relationships in the region, Hamas have been plotting how to drive a wedge between Israel and her partners around the world.
ג'יימס קלברלי שר החוץ של בריטניהJames Cleverly. UK Foreign Secretary Photo: Moti Kimchi
The attacks have only made clear the warped ideology which drives them and their ilk. They must fail. Hamas are no friends to the Palestinian people. Kidnapping women and murdering children does not improve the lot of Palestinians. Indiscriminate attacks which leave in their wake victims from the United Kingdom and many other countries have nothing to do with liberation.
That is why I have come with a message of solidarity. The United Kingdom and Israel are united in disgust at Hamas’ abhorrent acts. We are united in grief for the victims. And we are united in our desire to prevent instability from spreading.
“The wicked will not prosper”. We will stand up for what is right.
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