Israeli-born lawmaker with alleged Mossad ties tapped as Dutch deputy prime minister

Gideon (Gidi) Markuszower appointed immigration minister for Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV); born in Tel Aviv, he is fluent in Hebrew and is known as an ardent Zionist and a friend of Israel

Israeli-born Gideon (Gidi) Markuszower, 46, has been appointed deputy prime minister and immigration minister of the Netherlands for the right-wing Freedom Party (PVV) under Geert Wilders.
Markuszower, who holds Israeli citizenship, was born in Tel Aviv and graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Like Wilders, Markuszower is a staunch Zionist and a strong supporter of Israel.
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גדעון (גידי) מרקוסזאואר, סגן ראש ממשלת הולנד
גדעון (גידי) מרקוסזאואר, סגן ראש ממשלת הולנד
Gidi Markuszower
Markuszower was born in Tel Aviv on October 27, 1977, and attended the Rosj Pina and Maimonides elementary schools in Amsterdam, prominent institutions within the Jewish community. At 19, he studied International Relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before returning to the Netherlands to study law at the University of Amsterdam.
In the Netherlands, Markuszower was responsible for securing Jewish institutions. He was arrested in 2010 for carrying a firearm during Israel's 60th Anniversary celebrations, despite having a license for the firearm but not a permit to carry it, according to Dutch newspaper Trouw.
He has been active in various Jewish community organizations, including the Council of the Dutch-Israelite Head Synagogue (NIHS), the advisory body for the protection of the Jewish community (BLEW) and the Central Jewish Consultation (CJO).
His political career began in 1999 as a spokesperson for Likud Netherlands and as a director of Jewish youth student associations. He later served as a political advisor to MP Anton van Schijndel and was elected to the Dutch Senate in 2015. He resigned in 2017 to run for the House of Representatives, being placed fourth on the Party for Freedom's candidate list.
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Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders
(Photo: EPA)
Markuszower's political journey has not been without controversy. In 2010, the Dutch intelligence service suggested he might be influenced by a foreign security service, likely Mossad, labeling him a potential security risk to the Netherlands.
His appointment as immigration minister aligns with the newly formed right-wing government, given his stringent stance on immigration. He has frequently voiced his hardline views, once describing Dutch immigration policy as "a major crime against the Dutch people" and suggesting that responsible politicians should face a tribunal.
Markuszower is fluent in Hebrew and is known as a strong supporter of Israel, actively participating in events hosted by the Israeli embassy and maintaining close ties with the Dutch Jewish community. He has family in Israel and often visits the country.
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