After sustaining wounds, soldier and his military dog hospitalized together

Dago the dog was among the injured in a military operation in Jenin and was evacuated by chopper to a northern Israeli hospital, where he was examined and found to have internal bleeding and a pelvic fracture

Eitan Glickman, Yoav Zitun|

After both sustaining injuries in Jenin on Monday, Dago and his handler were hospitalized together at the Rambam Health Care Campus. They were among eight military and police troops in an armored vehicle when it was targeted by an IED.
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Operatives from the 669 Unit - a special forces combat search and rescue extraction unit- led the rescue operation to extract the injured soldiers and the Dago the dog who was also deployed. When he arrived at the Hospital, veterinarian Dr. Y of the canine unit, who specializes in training and handling dogs for military operations - along with the hospital staff conducted examinations including scans to determine the extent of his injury.
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הכלב דאגו ורס''ל י'
הכלב דאגו ורס''ל י'
Dago and his handler recovering at the hospital
Dr. Anat Ilivitzki, director of the pediatric radiology unit at Rambam’s Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital performed a quick ultrasound examination on the dog, after concerns he may have internal bleeding. The dog was then transferred for an urgent CT scan, which confirmed the diagnosis as well as a pelvic fracture.
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הכלב דאגו
הכלב דאגו
Dago the dog
(Photo: Nachum Segal)
The veterinarian of the unit decided that in this condition, the preferred treatment is rest. So Dago is resting on the bed next to his handler. The soldier suffered a light injury wounded, while the dog was indeed injured moderately.
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