Antisemitic incidents shoot up 235% worldwide amid Gaza war, report says

The antisemitism report released in conjunction with International Holocaust Remembrance Day highlights surge in expressions of hatred against Jews, including 33% increase in violent incidents, nearly half of which recorded in US
The year 2023 saw a massive 235% spike in antisemitic incidents recorded globally compared to the year before, according to a report published Friday by the Diaspora Ministry, the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
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Data shows that 43% of these incidents occurred in the United States and 35% in Europe. There was also a notable rise of 33% in the number of violent antisemitic events, compared to the previous year, with 48% of these incidents attributed to the backdrop of the war in Gaza.
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מיצגי אנטישמיות בטורקיה
מיצגי אנטישמיות בטורקיה
Antisemitic displays on Israel and Jews in Turkey
Specifically, 46% of all violent antisemitic incidents took place in the U.S., followed by the United Kingdom (16%), Germany (9%), France (6%), Canada (6%), Australia (2.5%) and other countries (12%).
The report highlights that almost every country with a significant Jewish community has seen an increase in antisemitic incidents. For instance, in the U.S., about 1,200 demonstrations included antisemitic and anti-Zionist expressions or support for terrorism.
Additionally, there was a staggering increase of approximately 1,000% in the number of antisemitic posts online and a 540% rise in bomb threats against Jewish institutions and synagogues.
Furthermore, there was a 700% surge in antisemitic incidents on college campuses, making them an unsafe environment for Jewish students.
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 רוססו מגן דוד על בתים של יהודים ברובע ה-14 בפריז, צרפת
 רוססו מגן דוד על בתים של יהודים ברובע ה-14 בפריז, צרפת
Jewish homes marked with Stars of David in Paris, France
Since October 7, France has reported approximately 1,800 antisemitic incidents, more than a fourfold increase compared to the entirety of 2022. These trends are reflected in a 430% increase in the number of French Jews applying for immigration to Israel since the start of the conflict.
In the United Kingdom, the period since October 7 marks the highest number of antisemitic incidents ever recorded in the country since the beginning of documentation in 1984, with an overall increase of 512% compared to the corresponding period in 2022. Local police forces have also noted a surge of over 1,000% in antisemitic crimes recorded in the first month of the war.
Meanwhile, an average of 29 antisemitic incidents have been recorded per day in Germany since October 7, in contrast to an average of seven incidents per day in 2022, marking a 320% increase. Consequently, about 80% of Jewish communities in Germany report feeling insecure, citing the primary threats as emanating from Turkish and Arab immigrants and leftist groups within the country.
Data published by police in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, along with independent figures in Canada, indicate a rise of 200-800% in antisemitic incidents since October 7 compared to the same period last year.
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הפגנות פרו פלסטיניות ב ברלין גרמניה
הפגנות פרו פלסטיניות ב ברלין גרמניה
Pro-Palestinian rally in Berlin, Germany
(Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
During this period, there were two attempts to set fire to Jewish institutions, shootings at Jewish schools and the arrest of a young Muslim man suspected of planning an attack against the local Jewish community.

Going on the offensive against antisemitism

Among the key recommendations in the report is a shift from a defensive stance to a proactive approach against the key purveyors of antisemitism. This includes filing lawsuits against the war crimes of Hamas, ensuring that its leaders cannot move freely around the world, and exacting a toll on countries that host or support the terrorist group.
The report also advocates exposing antisemitic indoctrination in UNRWA and Palestinian Authority institutions; revealing the “Pay for Slay” mechanism, which financially rewards terrorists, including those from Hamas elite Nukhba force, for killing Jews; and applying pressure on entities financially and diplomatically supporting the Palestinian Authority, UNRWA, human rights organizations and humanitarian groups to freeze funding and condition its continuation.
Regarding antisemitism on campuses, the report recommends exposing universities that are unsafe for Jewish students and faculty members who discriminate against Jews or support Hamas. It suggests creating a deterrent environment and holding key purveyors of antisemitism (students, faculty and administration) accountable.
In terms of online antisemitism, the report calls for exposing deliberate biases and undermining the legitimacy of artificial intelligence networks and platforms that promote politically motivated antisemitic indoctrination. It advocates for restricting their operations and urges friendly countries to take similar actions.
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