Three Iran-backed militia fighters killed in Baghdad drone strike

Local commander al-Nujaba'a in Baghdad Abu Taqawi reportedly killed after drone fires missile at his car; Iraqi militia umbrella organization declares heightened state of alert

Reuters, Hadar Adi|
At least three militia fighters were killed and six others wounded in a drone strike on an Iran-backed militia headquarters in eastern Baghdad on Thursday, police and security sources told Reuters.
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Police sources and eyewitnesses said at least two rockets struck a building used by Iraqi militia group al-Nujaba'a.
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לפי דיווחים מבגדד: תיעוד מתקיפת מטה "אל-חשד א-שעבי"
לפי דיווחים מבגדד: תיעוד מתקיפת מטה "אל-חשד א-שעבי"
Aftermath of drone strike on an Iran-backed militia headquarters in eastern Baghdad
A group spokesman said three of the group's fighters were killed, including a local commander in al-Nujaba'a. The spokesman accused the United States of carrying out the attack.
Iraqi police and security sources said they had no further detail on who might have carried out the strike pending a government investigation.
Last month, the United States carried out retaliatory air strikes in Iraq after a drone attack by Iran-aligned militants that left one U.S. service member in critical condition and wounded two others.
The U.S. military has already come under attack at least 100 times in Iraq and Syria since the Israel-Hamas war began in October, usually with a mix of rockets and one-way attack drones.
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אבו תקווא מפקד בחטיבה 12 של אלנוג'בא
אבו תקווא מפקד בחטיבה 12 של אלנוג'בא
Al-Nujaba'a commander Abu Taqawi
Lebanese network Al Mayadeen reported that the attack was carried out using four missiles, three of which were launched simultaneously, and the fourth targeted the car of Abu Taqawi, described as the "Baghdad district commander" in the militia.
According to one report, the state-sponsored umbrella organization of the militias in Iraq, the Popular Mobilization Forces, declared a heightened state of alert across all its commands following the attack. The U.S. has not confirmed the Iraqi claims that it carried out the attack.
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