Terrorist called from the scene of the massacre to his commander in Gaza: 'I swear to Allah we will destroy them'

IDF spokesman reveals another morbid conversation by Hamas special force operative on October 7; The terrorist was recorded shouting loudly into the phone: 'Tell everyone at home that we are inside, listen to the shooting'

Another morbid conversation between a Hamas terrorist who is proud of his actions at the scene of the massacre in Israel and a person on the other side of the border has been released. The IDF spokesman provided on Friday to the international media a recorded conversation between a terrorist from Hamas' special forces and his commander in the Gaza Strip, in which he describes the murders he committed inside Israel.
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"Tell everyone in the house that we are inside," said the terrorist frantically in a conversation recorded on October 7. "I swear to Allah we will destroy them." At this point the terrorist is heard turning to a person who passed by and saying to him: "Get out, you bastard, come to the road, get out." Then the terrorist turned to his friend: "Search inside, inside the house. Move forward move forward whoever is caught, kill him."
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תרגיל צבאי של חמאס וגא"פ ברצועת עזה
תרגיל צבאי של חמאס וגא"פ ברצועת עזה
A Hamas terror exercise in Gaza
The terrorist also told his commander: "Record this conversation, quickly, we are inside. The bastards live happily and we are displaced. I will curse their honor one by one. Hear the shooting, listen to the shooting with your headphones now." Then the terrorist commanded others: "I want to shoot the door, open it."
On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen revealed at the UN Security Council a recording of a Hamas terrorist who was involved in the massacre in the Gaza border communities and at the music festival near Kibbutz Ra'im in a conversation with his parents. "I killed 10," the terrorist told his father.
The General Security Service and the IDF located a phone belonging to one of the killed terrorists as part of the effort to clean up the scene of the massacres. A recording of the conversation between the terrorist and his family in the Gaza Strip was found on his phone. The terrorist repeatedly boasted of the massacre he had committed against "Jews."
The terrorist told his father that he was speaking from Mefalsim, though no murders occurred in the kibbutz itself. "Open my WhatsApp now and see all the dead. Look how many I killed with my own hands, your son killed Jews," said the terrorist to his father. The father replied: "May Allah protect you."
The terrorist also said to his father: "Dad, I killed ten with my own hands, I killed 10. Their blood is on my hands. Give me mother." The terrorist's mother told her son: "Oh my son, may Allah bless you. May Allah bring you back in peace." The terrorist: "Dad, go back to WhatsApp, I want to do a live broadcast for you from Mefalsim."
The terrorist's mother continued to encourage him: "I wish I was with you." The terrorist: "Mom, your son is a hero." At this point, the terrorist's brother joined the conversation and said to him: "Did you kill 10?", and the terrorist replied: "Yes, I killed 10." The brother asked the terrorist if he was in Zikim, the terrorist replied: "I am in the Mefalsim, not in Zikim. I am the first to enter under the protection and help of Allah."
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