'Your strength and courage will surpass this terrible pain,' bereaved mother writes

After one son is killed fighting invading terrorists, Batya Rubin writes to his brother poised to enter Gaza, to remember what he is fighting for and to recognize the power and support he has from those left behind

Batya Rubin|Updated:
Immediately after rising from Shiva, the week of mourning for his brother Amichai who was killed in a fight with terrorists on the first day of the war, his brother David, returned to his reserve unit, poised to advance on Gaza.
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His mother, Batya Rubin sends him off with a letter.
"David, my firstborn son.
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רב"ט עמיחי רובין ז"ל
רב"ט עמיחי רובין ז"ל
Amichai Rubin
On Thursday we got up from the Shiva for Amichai, and today you return to join the reserves to which you were called up on Shabbat, Simchat Torah. Your reserve duty was halted following the news of Amichai's serious injury and the Shiva observance period.
It was so painful for me to watch how your heart was torn and broken, and I am so proud of your inner mental strength, choosing to return to the mission of protecting the people and the country. I feel your unfathomable pain, and I am happy to see your sensitivity and concern for all your siblings, for me and for Dad.
The lament and tears, which were a part of our last days, are now replaced by determination, courage and bravery, in order to resume your duty, as a citizen of this nation.
You are going back to where you should be, and it is clear to us - to Dad, to me and to Hallel your wife, that this is where you belong and that is what you should be doing these days together with the other soldiers. Your return to defending the country during the war, upon the end of the Shiva, symbolizes for me not only your personal recovery, after the death of my beloved and sweet Amichai, but also the revival of our family and the general revival of the Israeli people.
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באישור דניאל הראל
באישור דניאל הראל
Amichai Rubin with his commander
(Photo: Courtesy of the family)
David, we experienced an unbearable pain. We fell into the abyss of unimaginable sorrow and grief. But you should know that the intensity of your bravery and resilience, and that of our people, help us to rise up, fight and, with G-d's help, prevail.
We live in a reality that forces us to look up and beyond the personal and private interests. We should bear in mind that our grief and sorrow, following the falling in battle of Amichai, is one more story in the journey of a people on the way to complete redemption.
David, go on your way with this knowledge, bearing in mind the power of previous generations and those to come, in order to continue to pave the path to complete redemption of Israel.
I pray for your safety, as well as for the safety of all the soldiers and citizens of our beloved country.
Go safely, return safe and sound and may G-d be with you.
love you very much,
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מפגש בין רפאל למשפחת רובין
מפגש בין רפאל למשפחת רובין
Batya Rubin meets Rafael who received her son's liver after the family donated the fallen soldier's organs
(Photo: Schneider Children's Hospital)
The family donated Amichai's organs saving the lives of five recipients including 8-year-old Rafael who underwent a liver transplant.
A moving meeting of the families took place at the Schneider Children's Hospital on Thursday.
Brought to print: Yair Kraus
First published: 15:20, 10.26.23
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