Jewish Arab party MK calls Jerusalem blast casualty 'victim of occupation'

Ofer Cassif sparks upheaval at Knesset plenum after expressing condolences for 'Jewish and Palestinian victims of occupation; claims the fact that 'boy was Jewish' is the only reason Shchupak is regarded differently
Sivan Hilaie|
The sole Jewish member of an Arab political party said Wednesday 16-year-old Aryeh Shchupak, killed in the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem hours earlier, was the "victim of the occupation."
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  • Speaking at the Knesset plenum, MK Ofer Cassif of the Hadash Party condoled the slain yeshiva student, while comparing him to Ahmad Shehadeh - the Palestinian teenager who was shot dead during violent clashes with Israeli forces in Nablus on Tuesday.
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    ח"כ עופר כסיף: "אני רוצה להביע את צערי על שליחות הדמים הבלתי פוסקת, אני רוצה למסור את תנחומיי לכל קורבות הכיבוש- יהודים ופלסטינים כאחד"
    ח"כ עופר כסיף: "אני רוצה להביע את צערי על שליחות הדמים הבלתי פוסקת, אני רוצה למסור את תנחומיי לכל קורבות הכיבוש- יהודים ופלסטינים כאחד"
    Ofer Cassif in the Knesset plenum
    (Photo: Knesset)
    "I want to express sorrow for the incessant bloodshed, and to send my condolences to all the victims of the occupation - Jews and Palestinians alike," said Cassif, the sole Jewish member of the faction.
    "Yesterday and today, two 16-year-old boys were murdered - Aryeh Shchupak and Ahmad Shehadeh," he added after MK Tali Gottlieb from Likud lashed out at his remarks.
    According the IDF, Shehadeh was shot dead during violent clashes in Nablus. According to the Palestinians, he was not involved in the fire exchanges with the troops.
    "We want this bloodshed to end, and it will end when the occupation ends," Cassif continued, sparking more angry responses from MKs in the plenum.
    Shouting in the Knesset Plenum - Ofer Cassif sparking backlash from MKs
    (Photo: Knesset)
    "The boy that was murdered today did not throw stones - it was a Jewish boy from Jerusalem who was waiting for his ride, and terrorists planted an explosive and killed him," said MK Meir Cohen from Yesh Atid.
    Cassif shouted back at Cohen and claimed the only difference was that "this boy was Jewish."
    "You can be angry all you want. It was not right to come up here and say what you said," Cohen replied. "Remember that the child's blood is still fresh and you have to respect that. Disrespect it? That's your issue. You should be ashamed. His family sent him to school and not to get murdered."
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