Israeli lightly injured after removing booby-trapped Palestinian flag in West Bank

Footage shows man approaching flag and kicking it, setting off an explosive device near northern West Bank settlement of Kokhav HaShahar

An Israeli was lightly injured by an explosive device while trying to remove a Palestinian flag near the northern West Bank settlement of Kokhav HaShahar on Sunday morning.
Footage of the incident shows the man approaching the flag and kicking it, setting off an explosive device. It is currently unclear whether the flag itself was booby-trapped or if the explosive device was placed nearby. Security forces and first responders were dispatched to the scene.
Israeli man tries to remove Palestinian flag, setting off explosive charge

Meanwhile, IDF forces neutralized two terrorists who attacked them Sunday at the Beit Einun junction between Kiryat Arba and Gush Etzion. One of the terrorists lunged at the soldiers with a knife while the second assailant opened fire at them. There were no casualties among the soldiers.
Last week, a Border Police reservist was lightly wounded by sniper fire in the Singil Junction in the West Bank. This came just hours after the body of Israeli teenager Binyamin Achimeir, 14, was found with signs of violence. The body of Achimeir, a shepherd, was recovered at the end of an extensive search after his herd returned to the Malachi HaShalom settlement in the West Bank without him.
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בנימין אחימאיר
בנימין אחימאיר
Binyamin Achimeir
The boy's murderers are still at large as Israeli security forces are trying to piece together evidence collected from the scene and locate the assailants.
Meanwhile, the police arrested on Sunday six people in the Yitzhar settlement on suspicion of nationalist crimes, incitement and involvement in rioting in Palestinian villages in the unrest sparked by Achimeir's killing.
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