Jews are 'invading and colonizing species': Senior BBC employee fired over extreme antisemitic posts

Dawn Queva, a senior BBC editorial team member, published posts on social media denying the Holocaust and alleging that Jews 'buy and sell those they kidnap from Africa'

Dawn Queva, a BBC employee who disseminated antisemitic content on social media, has been dismissed from her position, Deadline reported Monday.
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Queva's social media posts included accusations that Jews "buy and sell those they kidnap from Africa," references to Jews as "infiltrators and occupiers," and Holocaust denial through the use of the term "Holohoax."
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אולפני BBC
אולפני BBC
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Queva, a senior figure on the BBC editorial team, was terminated on Friday after Deadline drew attention to her social media's antisemitic content, according to the website. The Telegraph was the first to publish details of Queva's dismissal.
Since the October 7 terror attack and the outbreak of the war against Hamas, numerous controversies have arisen at the BBC, primarily related to the biased coverage of Israel's actions in the war.
Less than a month ago, in a news bulletin on BBC Radio, it was alleged that Israel was purposely killing civilians in Gaza. The network later apologized for the inaccurate reports. In November, BBC News distorted the IDF's statement regarding the entry of forces into Shifa Hospital, prompting another apology from the network.
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