Iran to host international conference on Palestine in Tehran

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaan says conference aims to strengthen international support for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank
Lior Ben Ari|
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Nasser Kanaani, announced Saturday the convening of the "Tehran International Conference on Palestine," as reported by the Iranian news agency "Tasnim."
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According to the report, the conference aims to strengthen international support for the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank, mount pressures on the Zionist regime to stop the military strikes on Gaza and lift the blockade on the enclave, and provide an impetus for the delivery of international humanitarian aid to Palestine."
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הפגנה ב איראן טהרן אחרי פיצוץ בית החולים ב עזה
הפגנה ב איראן טהרן אחרי פיצוץ בית החולים ב עזה
The flags of Palestine and Iran
(Photo: Majid Asgaripour/WANA)
Among the participants of the conference are high-ranking officials, politicians, and religious figures from over 50 countries.
Kanaani characterized the conference as a continuation of Iran's ongoing diplomatic endeavors to bolster the resistance of the Palestinian people.
“An immediate end to the apartheid Zionist regime’s war crimes and genocide of the oppressed Palestinian nation is a demand made by all right-seekers, advocates of justice, and awakened human consciences across the world,” the spokesman added.
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