Watch: IDF soldiers engage in close-quarters combat with Hamas terrorists in Jabaliya

Helmet cam footage shows troops coming face-to-face with Hamas terrorists in narrow Gaza Strip alleyways

Israeli soldiers from the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit engaged in a direct confrontation with two terrorists in Jabaliya, both being eliminated, the Israel Defense Forces reported.
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A helmet camera video of the encounter, described as intense close-quarters combat, occurred during ongoing operations by the unit in the area, known for its high density of Hamas members. The IDF stated that one terrorist was immediately kiled, while the other, after being wounded, continued to engage and was subsequently eliminated following air support guidance.
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תיעוד היתקלות לוחמי סיירת הנח״ל אל מול מחבלים בג'באליא
תיעוד היתקלות לוחמי סיירת הנח״ל אל מול מחבלים בג'באליא
IDF soldiers clash with Hamas terrorists in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
This operation is part of a larger campaign in which the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit has been active over the past week. The IDF reports the unit has been involved in several face-to-face skirmishes, utilizing tank fire and direct fire support, leading to the elimination of 67 Hamas terrorists. Additionally, the unit has discovered and destroyed multiple weapons caches and terrorist assets.
The Nahal Brigade, to which the reconnaissance unit belongs, has reportedly eliminated approximately 100 Hamas terrorists to date in their ongoing operations.
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