Horrors unraveling: Hamas terrorists cold-bloodedly execute 90-year-old Israeli woman

During incursion into Kibbutz Kissufim near Gaza border, terrorists break into Gina Semiatich's home, drag her out the bomb shelter and execute her with a gunshot to the head in her own living room
Matan Tzuri‎|
As Israeli forces continue to clear Gaza border towns of Hamas terrorists, harrowing scenes keep emerging, with particularly gruesome images being revealed in Kibbutz Kissufim.
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"Dozens of terrorists entered Kissufim and broke into homes of innocent civilians," says a local going by the name Shmulik Harel. "While they were outside, they shouted 'IDF, IDF,' possibly in an attempt to lull us into a false sense of security and make us leave our homes. However, most of the residents sensed that something was amiss."
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'ינה סמיאטיץ'
'ינה סמיאטיץ'
Gina Semiatich
Among the victims was 90-year-old Gina Semiatich, who was forcibly taken and murdered by the Hamas terrorists. They dragged her from her shelter and shot her in the head in the living room. "We had spoken to her just seconds before; she told us she was hiding in the shelter, scared," her grandson recounts.
The terrorists continued on their rampage, reaching the home of the Zaq family: Itai, Eti and their 15-year-old son, Guy. They called on them to leave, but the family refused to exit the shelter, leading the Hamas terrorists to set the house on fire. The entire family perished in the blaze.
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בית הכנסת בבסיס כיסופים
בית הכנסת בבסיס כיסופים
Synagogue in Kissufim base destroyed in Hamas attack
(Photo: Yuval Chen)
"The terrorists entered homes, killed the residents and stayed there for hours. Meanwhile, they also continued to set homes on fire. In one instance, a friend heard cries for help from elderly people, he covered himself with a sheet, and rescued them from the flames," Harel adds. "They ravaged the houses, looted, killed and destroyed anything in their path."
Kibbutz Kissufim has also reported at least three of its residents were abducted: an elderly man in his 80s and a couple in their 40s.
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