'The hostages are in our hands, they’re safe and healthy': first seconds after heroic Gaza hostage rescue

IDF releases video showing Fernando Marman and Luis Har with their rescuers aboard a helicopter, following their rescue from a Rafah apartment where they were held captive; 'We love you,' rescuer heard telling hostages
Shayetet 13 troops in their first meeting with the rescued hostages at the helicopter extraction to Israeli territory
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

Here's how the first moments looked for Luis Har and Fernando Marman, two Israeli hostages who were released overnight Monday from captivity in the Gaza Strip, after being rescued unharmed from a hideout in Rafah.
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Before boarding the helicopter, when asked about their feelings, they replied, "Shocked, shocked. All right." They added, "Warm in our hearts," to which their Shayetet 13 naval commando rescuers replied, "We love you."
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צה"ל חושף תיעוד מרגעי חילוץ החטופים במהלך המבצע ברפיח:״החטופים בידינו, תקינים ובריאים, אנחנו עולים על מסוק וטסים לבית החולים״
צה"ל חושף תיעוד מרגעי חילוץ החטופים במהלך המבצע ברפיח:״החטופים בידינו, תקינים ובריאים, אנחנו עולים על מסוק וטסים לבית החולים״
Rescued hostages Luis Har and Fernando Marman in the helicopter
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Additionally, the IDF released footage of the hostages' rescue during the operation in Rafah. "The hostages are in our hands... They’re safe and healthy," a voice is heard over the radio.
The initial investigation conducted by the Southern Command into the rescue of the hostages revealed that no other hostages were held at the location. Furthermore, no captors were arrested, as they engaged in combat and opened fire on the forces entering the house where the hostages were held, and were eliminated. The command stated that all targets attacked in the area posed a threat to the forces.
Southern Command described the operation as "science fiction," with the highlight being the moment troops reported back, "The hostages are in our hands." The forces changed their operational pattern at the last minute, making split-second decisions in response to the evolving situation on the ground.
The moment the hostages were rescued in Rafah
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
A senior commander in the Shin Bet's operations division, who participated in Marman and Har’s rescue from Rafah, said, "We operated shoulder to shoulder tonight with Yamam fighters and the IDF in the heart of Rafah. Behind this operation are dozens of Shin Bet staff- intelligence officers from the Southern region, tech experts, coordinators and operatives who worked together to execute this mission."
The commander added, "This is how we acted in the operation to rescue soldier Ori Magidish from the Gaza Strip, and how we operated tonight. Our fighters acted with courage, heart, and a deep sense of mission to return the hostages. This is our mission, and we are determined to complete it."
In addition to Marman and Har, Private Ori Magidish is the only other Israeli hostage to have been rescued from Hamas thus far. Her rescue was part of a bold operation coinciding with the launch of ground operations in the Gaza Strip in late October.
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