Hezbollah drone sees soldiers, defenses, in new flyover

Iran-backed terror group posts a 10-minute clip filmed by Hudhud UAV claiming to show buses transporting troops, military intelligence bases and missile defenses

Hezbollah video clip of northern Israel

Hezbollah released a video of images filmed by its "Hudhud" drone flying over northern Israel, for a second time in a month, documenting strategic sites and possible targets.
The video began with a map highlighting Mount Dov, the Golan Heights, Nahariya, Safed, Haifa, and Afula. It showed what Hezbollah described as military intelligence bases, strategic electronic intelligence stations, and facilities capable of conducting electronic attacks, which Hezbollah dubs the "eyes of the state."
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צילום של מקומות אסטרטגיים בישראל מתוך צילום רחפן של חיזבאללה
צילום של מקומות אסטרטגיים בישראל מתוך צילום רחפן של חיזבאללה
Hezbollah's footage of Israel
then shows potential targets in military outposts, Iron Dome batteries, and concentrations of IDF forces during the ongoing conflict. It shows buses purportedly used to transport troops along with a "new military medical center." Hezbollah did not specify when the filming took place.
Unlike the first video showing sites in northern Israel, which was released last month, Hezbollah claims this new footage exclusively targets military sites. The latest video purportedly captures aerial shots of IDF force concentrations deployed in recent months. These include tanks, tents used for soldier accommodations, and both military and civilian vehicles.
Hezbollah also provided what it calls a "base map," allegedly filmed in the Golan Heights. Many of these bases have reportedly sustained damage over the nine months of conflict. Among the documented sites are the Keren camp, Tsnobar camp, Yarden camp, Katzbiya base—the home base of the 7th Armored Brigade—and Kala base. Within these bases, Hezbollah highlights buildings such as command centers, ammunition depots at the Tsnobar camp, and structures used as "shelters for soldiers." The organization also claims to have filmed an artillery position in Odem, which was allegedly struck.
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צילום של מקומות אסטרטגיים בישראל מתוך צילום רחפן של חיזבאללה
צילום של מקומות אסטרטגיים בישראל מתוך צילום רחפן של חיזבאללה
Port of Haifa
The military said the footage was likely filmed four or five months ago, based on visible snow patches near some of the sites along the Syrian border. New "outposts" in the area were also documented. The military believes the filming occurred over several drone sorties in recent months.
In the previous instance, Hezbollah released images shot by the same drone, capturing missile boats in Haifa port, neighborhoods in the nearby communities, the "BIG" shopping mall, a factory, and even tracking a moving vehicle. Hezbollah claimed the drone returned to Lebanon without being intercepted.
Following the release of Hezbollah's first provocative video, Ynet security analyst Ron Ben-Yishai noted it appears to be primarily composed of drone footage likely launched by spies within Israel, who knew precisely what to film and where to focus. The drone footage was interspersed with satellite images, possibly from Google Earth or another commercial satellite procured by Iran.
Regardless of the exact circumstances upon which this footage was obtained, this is the work of professionals, likely Iranians. The targets showcased in the video were predominantly military and economic.
Two days after that video, American officials speaking with CNN expressed concerns that in the event of a war with Hezbollah, the U.S. fears that Israel's air defense system, including Iron Dome, may not withstand Hezbollah's "massive arsenal of missiles and drones," which could "overwhelm it."
CNN referenced the video released by Hezbollah, which filmed sensitive sites in Haifa and neighboring communities, and reported that Israeli officials informed the U.S. they estimate that the Iron Dome might be vulnerable, especially in the north, due to the sophistication expected in Hezbollah's attacks in the event of war.
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צילום של מקומות אסטרטגיים בישראל מתוך צילום רחפן של חיזבאללה
צילום של מקומות אסטרטגיים בישראל מתוך צילום רחפן של חיזבאללה
Hezbollah footage of northern Israel
Two American officials told the network that the Israelis were surprised by Hezbollah's level of precision so far. The main concern is that Hezbollah could use a large number of weapons and precision-guided missiles simultaneously in a single attack, potentially overwhelming Israel's air defense.
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