IDF soldiers filmed supporting Jenin terrorists arrested, released

Five Arabic-speaking soldiers were arrested for their 'unacceptable remarks', such as 'Allah is for Jenin,' and later released; Their attorneys say the video was 'edited in a tendentious manner'
Yoav Zitun|

IDF soldiers praise the terrorists in Jenin

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Wednesday morning that five soldiers serving in the IDF Transport Center in southern Israel were arrested late on Tuesday after being documented endorsing the actions of terrorists in Jenin. Several hours later they were released from detention, according to their defense attorneys.
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According to the military, "Following the unacceptable remarks of IDF soldiers in the video, the soldiers were arrested last night, and an investigation by the Military Police has been initiated. Its findings will be transferred for examination by the military prosecution."
The soldiers' attorneys, on the contrary, argue that the video was "edited in a tendentious manner."
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חיילי צה"ל תומכים במחבלים בג'נין
חיילי צה"ל תומכים במחבלים בג'נין
IDF soldiers praise the terrorists in Jenin
Among the crude remarks, the Arabic-speaking IDF soldiers stated in the viral video, "Allah is for Jenin and Palestine, to hell with Israel."
They continued: "This video will lead you to God." The soldiers recorded these words of support while at the southern base where they are stationed.
Later on Tuesday, the IDF spokesperson condemned the soldiers' behavior, asserting that it contradicts the IDF's values, and said that "disciplinary actions" will be taken against them.
The support for terrorists in Jenin comes after, on Monday, during an arrest operation in Jenin, security forces faced the challenging task of rescuing a heavily armored Panther military vehicle that came under fire and was targeted by an explosive device. The operation resulted in significant damage to seven armored military vehicles used in the rescue mission, and eight soldiers sustained injuries. The army initiated an investigation into the incident, emphasizing that the operation remained covert until the wanted individuals were apprehended.
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