State of Israel vs Gigi Hadid: 'Have you been sleeping in the last week?'

The supermodel has returned to her former ways and continues to post against Israel on social. The Instagram account Stateofisrael decided to put her on the spot: 'Are you just fine turning a blind eye to Jewish babies being butchered in their own homes?'

Inbal Hananel|
It's 10 days into the "Swords of Iron" war, and it seems that the supermodel Gigi Hadid , who in the first days of the war published a relatively neutral post in which she claimed that her heart "aches for the Palestinian people" and how she "feels responsible for her fellow Jews," has returned to her bad old ways.
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In the last few days, Hadid has returned to posting on social media harsh accusations that are detached from reality against the State of Israel. "There is nothing Jewish about the attitude of the Israeli government to the Palestinians. Condemning the Israeli government is not antisemitism and supporting the Palestinians is not supporting Hamas," she wrote.
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ג'יג'י חדיד
ג'יג'י חדיד
Supermodel Gigi Hadid is back to taking swipes at Israel
(Photo: AP)
The official Instagram account of the State of Israel, which operates as stateofisrael and has 677,000 followers, made the decision to take on Hadid and even accused her of antisemitism. "There is nothing brave about Hamas' massacre of Israelis," the account posted at Hadid. "Condemning Hamas for what it is (ISIS) is not anti-Palestine and supporting Israelis in their fight against barbaric terrorists is the right thing to do."
The Israeli Instagram account shared Hadid's words, adding: "Have you slept in the last week? Or are you simply turning a blind eye to the fact that Jewish babies are being slaughtered in their homes? Your silence makes your position very clear." The Instagram page stateofisrael also published a photo of a children's room where toys are strewn on a floor that is covered in blood. "If you don't condemn this - your words mean NOTHING," the post says.

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ג'יג'י חדיד
ג'יג'י חדיד
StateofIsrael hits back at Gigi Hadid
(Photo: Instagram)
Last week, on the fourth day of the war, Hadid uploaded a post and referred to the brutal massacre in the south of the country. "My thoughts are with all those affected by this unjustifiable tragedy and every day that innocent lives are taken by this conflict – too many of which are children," she wrote.
"I have deep empathy and heartbreak for the Palestinian struggle and life under occupation. It is a responsibility I hold daily. I also feel a responsibility to my Jewish friends to make it clear as I have before: While I have dreams and hopes for Palestinians, none of them include the harm of a Jewish person," Hadid also wrote.
She added that: "The terrorizing of innocent people … does not do any good for the Free Palestine movement. The idea that it does has fueled a painful, devastating cycle of back&forth retaliation (which no innocent civilian, Palestinian or Israeli, deserves to be a casualty of) and helps to perpetuate the false idea that being Pro- Palestine = antisemitism," she also wrote. "If you are hurting, as I share my condolences today with my loved ones, both Palestinian and Jewish, I'm sending you my love & strength – whoever and wherever you are. There are a lot of complex, personal and valid feelings, but every human deserves basic rights, treatment and security, no matter their nationality, religion, ethnicity or where they were born. I know my words will never be enough or heal the very deep wounds of so many, but I pray for the safety of innocent lives always."
So far Gigi's sister, model Bella Hadid , has not shared anything regarding the war.
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