IDF targets Hezbollah weapons shipment 150 km deep into Lebanon

Military reports deepest attack in Lebanese territory since war began came after advanced Israeli UAV was downed by local terror groups

Strikes deep within Lebanon

Reports on the ongoing fighting on the northern border indicated on Tuesday Israel has attacked in the deepest area of Lebanon targeted since the war in Gaza began after an advanced Israeli UAV was downed by Hezbollah forces in the country.
According to the report, the strike came hours after the Hermes 900 UAV was downed in Lebanon, with the Israeli Air Force targeting areas 150 km away from the northern border.
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חיל האוויר תוקף בעומק לבנון
חיל האוויר תוקף בעומק לבנון
Strikes in Lebanon
According to a report by Sky News Arabia, one of the strikes on the Lebanon-Syria border targeted a Hezbollah weapons shipment. Another report indicated that a Syrian surface-to-air missile was launched at the aircraft, exploded in the Akkar district, and caused significant damages.
“Overnight, IAF fighter jets struck a military complex of the Hezbollah 4400 unit, the logistical reinforcement unit of the Hezbollah terrorist organization. The unit is used to smuggle weapons to and from Lebanon. In the complex, two sites located in the area of Baalbek deep in Lebanon were struck,” the IDF said in a statement on Tuesday.
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הרמס 900
הרמס 900
Hermes 900 UAV
(Photo: AFP / Elbit Systems)
“In addition, terror targets in the area of Aitaroun in southern Lebanon were struck, including a military site and two Hezbollah military structures. The strikes were conducted as a response to the downing of an IDF UAV that was operating in the skies of Lebanon yesterday (Monday),” the statement added.
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