Untrained, lacking proper arms, local security teams defended their Gaza border homes

Farmers, doctors, teachers, all residents of border area communities engaged with hundreds of terrorists infiltrating their homes, repelling attacks sometimes for hours, until troops could arrive

Matan Tzuri|
The security units made up of local residents in the communities around the Gaza border fought with valor to defend against the invading Hamas terrorists on Sunday and protect their homes and families. Stories of extraordinary bravery have come to light in the days since, but among survivors, strong criticism was voiced about the lack of adequate weapons at their disposal when their communities were overrun.
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As the dead are brought to burial, so many of them had never been trained or adequately armed to resist an assault of hundreds of invading terrorists who could breach all border defenses and overrun military bases. None among the country's leaders had the foresight to prepare for such an event.
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כפר עזה
כפר עזה
Kfar Aza
(Photo: Gil Cohen-Magen / AFP)
Many of those concerned with the security of the border area, had warned of the danger, numerous times, wrote letters, demanded and pleaded, telling the government that they lacked proper arms and equipment. They were ignored. Bureaucracy, ignorance and irresponsibility – all triumphed as leaders disregarded the warnings and pushed those raising the alarm, aside.
It was always a local initiative to ensure members volunteering to serve in the local security teams underwent periodic training. They showed up without question, to be as prepared as possible when the need to defend their families, arises. They were counted on to make the ultimate sacrifice and did not fail their neighbors.
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כפר עזה
כפר עזה
Troops gather the bodies of those murdered in Kfar Aza
(Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg / AP)
They always knew they could find themselves alone in the defense of their communities, at list at the initial stages and they were right. they fought alone. But no one could have imagined there would be no help from the military, for so many hours.
They are farmers, lawyers, teachers and doctors. All living under Hamas rocket fire for years and under threat of attack.
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בית שרוף בקיבוץ בארי בעקבות תקיפת חמאס
בית שרוף בקיבוץ בארי בעקבות תקיפת חמאס
The remnants of a home set on fire by invading Hamas terrorists in Be'eri
(Photo: Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
There was no payment for their work, no glory, only duty but now, they must be remembered and honored. These are heroes, many of whom gave their lives after fighting on even when the battle seemed lost. When their communities begin to recover, they must be recognized as the real heroes of the first day of the war.
Zikim: Terrorists approached the Kibbutz and attempted to fire an RPG to its homes before entering on foot. Members of the security team there, opened fire and despite being attacked by grenades, succeeded in repelling the terrorists. Just two of them were wounded in the attack.
Netive Ha'asara: A terror squad entered the community, which borders Gaza, arriving in automated gliders. The security team of residents engaged, losing three of its members. 21 members of the community were murdered.
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כפר עזה
כפר עזה
Home destroyed in Hamas massacre in Kfar Aza
(Photo: Reuters )
Yad Mordechai: The security team from the kibbutz, named after a Jewish resistance fighter who fought the Nazis during the Holocaust, came out of the gate to engage with approaching terrorists, and chased them towards the fields, saving residents. None were murdered in the attack.
Erez: The local security team identified approaching terrorists and organized to engage them to defend the residents. They conducted an hours-long battle and lost one of their members.
Nir Am: The terrorists managed to enter the Kibbutz when the woman leading the local security Inbal Liberman organized her team and engaged with the invaders, killing at least two and preventing them from reaching residents.
Miflasim: Some 30 terrorists attacked the Kibbutz positioned at its three gates. The local security team killed three of the invaders.
Yachini: Terrorists infiltrated the farming community through the main gate and murdered four residents. The security team attempted to engage but lacked automatic rifles. The invaders were ultimately killed by IDF special forces.

Kfar Aza: All members of the resident's security team are believed murdered. Over 70 people perished from the small community.
Alumim: A terror squad infiltrated the Kibbuts and murdered some 20 foreign agricultural workers from Thailand and Nepal. The resident's security team fought off the invasion for six hours before military forces arrived to help. Five of its members were hurt.
Be'eri: The 10-member security team rushed to engage the dozens of invading terrorists. At least five are believed to have been killed. Many of the residents were horrendously massacred.
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קיבוץ בארי לאחר הטבח
קיבוץ בארי לאחר הטבח
Destruction in the massacre at Be'eri
(צילום: גדי קבלו)
Kissufim: At least 70 terrorists invaded the kibbutz from several points. Head of the local security team was killed along with at least three others. 15 local residents have been confirmed murdered and at least four members of the community were abducted to Gaza.
Re'im: Members of the security team, 6 in all, fought off over 100 invading terrorists. Five residents of the community were murdered and at least five were abducted to Gaza.
Nirim: The terrorists murdered five residents in their homes, five others were missing, before the four members of the local security team were able to engage and chase them away.
Ein Hashlosha: Some 15 members of the resident's security team fought off terrorists for six hours until troops could arrive. The team's leader, in his 60s was killed.
Nir Oz: All members of the security team are missing. The Kibbutz estimates at least 35 of its residents were murdered.
Magen: Terrorists reached the perimeter of the Kibbutz and blew the fence up but the security team repelled them. One member was killed.
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כפר עזה
כפר עזה
Bodies of the dead removed by troops in Kfar Aza
(צילום: Jack Guez / AFP)
Sufa: Among the three Kibbutz members killed, one was a member of the security team. A squad of 12 terrorists infiltrated the community and were pinned down in a six hour gunfight.
Nir Yitzhak: two members of the security team were killed after engaging with invading terrorists and four others, are missing. Many of the residents have been abducted to Gaza and their fate is unknown.
Kerem Shalom: The 10 members of the security team killed at least 20 invading terrorists. Two among the members were killed.
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