Israel identifies national who died at party in Mexico as Dylan Grimberg

Relatives of young man, 23, say he was completely healthy when he left for his trip, and that medical authorities in Mexico demand they arrive in the hospital in order to receive more information about the case
Matan Tzuri|
Israel on Monday identified its national who died after attending a New Year's Eve party in Mexico as Dylan Grimberg.
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  • Grimberg is said to be a 23-year-old resident of the southern Israeli city of Ashdod.
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    דילן גרימברג
    דילן גרימברג
    Dylan Grimberg
    Reports said Grimberg began feeling ill during the party and was evacuated to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death is still unknown.
    One of Grimberg’s relatives said that his family are unaware of what exactly happened during the party since the hospital where had been taken to is refusing to give any details over the phone.
    “They want us to go there to receive answers,” the relative said. “He was completely healthy, he didn’t drink alcohol or do drugs, these things weren’t a part of his life. We’re shocked. All he did was to go out partying.”
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    אמבולנס במקסיקו
    אמבולנס במקסיקו
    Mexican ambulance
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    Rabbi Ilan Gozal wrote on his Facebook account following the announcement of Girmberg’s death: “We are hurt and shocked at the news of the death of our dear student during his trip to Mexico. He arrived to a lesson last week, who would’ve believed he came to say goodbye to the synagogue, his friends, and his rabbi.”
    The Foreign Ministry said they are working on flying the body to Israel for burial.
    "The incident is being handled by the Mexican Consul and The Department for Israelis in Need at the Foreign Affairs Ministry," said the statement.
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