Iron Dome intercepts drone from Gaza

The UAV took off from Rafah and was under surveillance, and after it started flying east toward Israel, it was intercepted by the missile defense system; IDF: 'It did not pose a threat and therefore no warnings were activated'
Yoav Zitun , Matan Tzuri|
Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle this morning at the Gaza border, in the Eshkol area. There were no casualties, no red color alarm was activated and no damage was caused.
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The drone apparently belongs to Hamas and took off from Rafah in Gaza. It was under surveillance from the moment it took off, and as soon as it flew east toward Israel a decision was made to intercept it. The Air Control Unit in the South, part of the Air Force, identified the UAV from the moment it took off.
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כיפת ברזל בפעולה בעוטף עזה
כיפת ברזל בפעולה בעוטף עזה
The Iron Dome missile defense system took out an armed drone from Gaza
(Photo: AFP)
Additional IDF aircraft were flown to the scene, and are conducting scans of the area. Ground forces will collect the fragments of the drone to examine it to see if it was armed.
"The aircraft did not cross into our territory, and from the moment it took off, the Air Force systems followed its route. Air defense fighters successfully intercepted the unmanned aircraft using the Iron Dome system. The tool did not pose a threat to the residents of the Gaza Strip, and no alerts were triggered according to policy," the IDF said in a statement.
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