Severe heat cripples Egypt's power grid

With temperatures breaking the 40°C in many part of the country, locals say electricity supply undercuts demand leading to unbearable living conditions

Residents of Egypt have been suffering from scorching weather in recent days. The Egyptian Meteorological Authority reported temperatures exceeding 40°C (104°F) in many parts of the country.
Last week, temperatures in Cairo reached 40°C, and in Aswan, located in southern Egypt, temperatures reached 48°C (118°F). The extreme heat forces residents to use more air conditioners and electrical appliances to cool down. Still, Egypt has been facing a severe energy crisis for months, leading to scheduled power cuts to meet demand.
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חוף הים באלכסנדריה
חוף הים באלכסנדריה
Beach in Alexandria
(Photo: REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

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יושבים בצד ליד הנילוס בקהיר
יושבים בצד ליד הנילוס בקהיר
Sitting by the Nile in Cairo
The situation is expected to worsen this coming weekend, with forecasts predicting temperatures in Cairo reaching 44°C, 47°C in Luxor, and 48°C in Aswan.
According to Arab media reports, Egyptians are experiencing an increase in the frequency of power outages across the country during the hot days.
"We can't live like this, we suffer daily, while the government provides no solutions and no end date for the crisis," residents told the Alhurra news outlet.
The power cuts are affecting the Egyptian economy, businesses that are having trouble operating with the extreme heat, and hospitalized patients. Elevators stop working, and even water can’t reach the upper floors of buildings because the pumps aren’t functioning properly.
Scheduled power cuts took place in Egypt last summer as well. "The situation has been going on for a whole year. We pay our electricity bills in full, so why does the government keep cutting off our power without considering the circumstances and people's needs?" an Egyptian citizen wondered.
Additional complaints from residents include the inconsistency of the power cuts, which sometimes last for more than two hours, making the situation unbearable during the ongoing heat waves. Alhurra reported the government issued a statement saying the power outage crisis would be resolved by the end of the year.
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