After Iran's attack repelled, Zelensky demands same defense alliance as Israel

Israel's alliance with the U.S. helped it defeat missiles and UAVs from Iran, and now Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expects to receive similar assistance against the Russians: 'Israel is not a NATO member, yet they helped save lives, Moscow, like Tehran, spreads terror'
Yair Navot|
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the Iranian attack on Israel, and attempted to make a connection between Iran's actions against Israel and Russia's actions in the Russia-Ukraine war, asserting that the regimes in Tehran and Moscow are "spreading terror."
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שלישים ג'ו ביידן ולדימיר פוטין ולדימיר זלנסקי
שלישים ג'ו ביידן ולדימיר פוטין ולדימיר זלנסקי
Zelensky demands assurances like Israel
(Photo: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via REUTERS, LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP)
Currently, the Ukrainian president is seeking Western support similar to the kind Israel received during the attack from Iran. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army is facing a severe shortage of artillery, which could lead to defeat in an expected major Russian attack.
In a video posted on Monday, Zelensky referred to the success of the alliance in repelling the Iranian attack. "The whole world witnessed how the alliance acted in the skies above Israel and neighboring countries. It proved how unity in defense against terror can be effective."
"Israel, the U.S., Britain, France and Jordan acted together and efficiently. Together, they prevented terror and further escalation," added the Ukrainian president. Zelensky referred to the fact that Israel received military assistance from other countries, even though, like Ukraine, it is not a NATO member.
"Israel is not a NATO member, so there was no need to invoke Article 5, and no one was dragged into war. They simply contributed to defending human lives." Article 5 of NATO's treaty stipulates that any attack on one of the NATO countries will be considered an attack on the entire alliance, prompting other members to assist," Zelensky said.
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כרזות מחוץ למטה נאט"ו בבריסל
כרזות מחוץ למטה נאט"ו בבריסל
Israel is not a NATO member yet received military aid
(Photo: AP Photo/Olivier Matthys)
"The UAVs in the skies of Ukraine sound similar to those in the skies of the Middle East. The impact of ballistic missiles, if not stopped, is the same everywhere. European skies could have received the same level of defense long ago if Ukraine had received similar full support from its allies to repel drones and missiles. Terror must be completely defeated everywhere, not more in some places and less in others," he added.
In Zelensky's interview with NBC on Monday, he pushed the Americans to quickly approve the massive promised aid package to his country, totaling $61 billion. He stated that Kyiv has no chance of winning the war without American support. Zelensky also pointed out that Russia receives assistance from Iran, providing it with about 350 UAVs per month, as well as artillery ammunition, noting the difference in the countries' arsenals.
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