'I told her I'm pregnant, they shot me, call an ambulance'

Adi Zohar, who was seriously injured in last week's terror attack near Maale Adumim, recounts the moment when she realized she'd been shot by a Palestinian terrorist while sitting in her car at a checkpoint; 'Both I and my unborn child are alive, and that's what matters'

Liran Tamari|
Adi Zohar, 30, was seriously injured in a terror shooting attack on Route 1 near Maale Adumim last week while at an advanced stage of her pregnancy. Talking to Ynet on Sunday from her hospital bed, she recounted the horrible moments after she was shot. "I crawled on the ground and tried to reach other cars so they would know something happened to me, that I was hurt.”
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“Because I was on all fours, most drivers didn't open the door for me, they were scared. A nice woman let me into her car and, in the midst of the chaos, I managed to gather myself and told her, 'I'm pregnant, they shot me, call an ambulance,'" she recounted.
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עדי זוהר
עדי זוהר
Adi Zohar at the hospital
(Photo: Gil Yochanan)
Zohar also described how she "was talking on the phone, and I noticed that the car in front of me suddenly rammed into the car ahead. I thought it was a strange accident, but within seconds the terrorist got out of the car as if he was possessed.”
“I saw his gun immediately, I started screaming to my aunt on the phone that they were going to shoot me because I had no way to avoid it. Within seconds I saw that my shirt was soaked with blood, I didn't feel the bullet hit me. I got out and tried to run away, and I later saw in the videos that the terrorist was close to me,” she added.
"I experienced a miracle," she said. "First of all, I’m still here. We’re now four days after the incident. The bullet hit in a very dangerous place, but both I and my unborn child are alive, and that's what matters.”
“Everyone talks about the moments before death in these cases, and it happened to me too,” she recounted. “I felt these were truly my final moments. I thought about my son and how he's only two years old and would have to continue living without me. The fact his mom is returning to her life is the true miracle."
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זירת הפיגוע סמוך למעלה אדומים
זירת הפיגוע סמוך למעלה אדומים
Security forces at the scene of the attack
Talking about the location of the attack, which occurred in the middle of a traffic jam on the major highway of Route 1, she said: "They succeeded this time. I drive on this road every morning, I wasn't afraid before though there's always a certain risk, and there was an attack in another location just last week. It could happen anywhere."
Zohar added that "God was with me in every moment. Even in retrospect, one of the doctors told me that the fact that I didn't lose consciousness saved the fetus. I'm a very hysterical person in my daily life, and I acted calmly in those moments, as others testify.”
“It was important that people know about my condition so they could treat me as quickly as possible. I told them what week along the pregnancy I was, that I didn't feel any movements, but that it wasn't abnormal. I feel very supported; I’m truly grateful to everyone."
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מתן אלמליח ז"ל
מתן אלמליח ז"ל
Matan Elmaliach
Matan Elmaliach, 26, from the West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim was murdered in the attack. Besides Elmaliach, six other people were injured – among them 23-year-old Hanania Ben Shimon, who was discharged from reserve service in the Gaza Strip just last week.
Ben Shimon, who was in the car with his mother when the attack began, charged one of the terrorists and helped in neutralizing him, but was injured in the ensuing clashes. He was taken to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, where he underwent surgery and is currently in stable condition.
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