Zurich terrorist swore allegiance to ISIS

Teen with Tunisian roots posts clip announcing intention of killing Jews and hunting other infidels; terrorism experts say he likely received guidance or assistance before launching attack

Swiss police conceded on Monday that the stabbing attack of a ultra-Orthodox Jew in Zurich on Saturday was a terror attack that was motivated by antisemitism, days after the incident.
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The assailant, a 15-year old teenager from Tunisian origins posted a clip on social media where he assumed responsibility for the attack and swore an allegiance to ISIS, calling himself "a soldier of the Khalifate."
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תמונה של הנער הדוקר שטושטשה בשל גילו
תמונה של הנער הדוקר שטושטשה בשל גילו
15-year old terrorist who stabbed a Haredi Jew in Switzerland
A senior member of the Zurich police told reporters that there was an investigation underway to determine whether the young man was working alone or had been assisted in some organized form. He was arrested on the scene after he seriously wounded the 50-year old Jewish man after a passer-by succeeded in overpowering and detaining him until the police arrived.
He stabbed his victim in the artery, his head and lungs causing critical wounds. The victim was recovering and was said to be stable and no longer in life-threatening condition.
In the clip the terrorist posted he is heard reading from the Koran in Arabic and calling on Muslims to " battle the Jews", the police official said.
In the wake of the stabbing, security around Jewish institutions in Zurich and elsewhere in Switzerland was increased.
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שוטרים שומרים על בית הכנסת בציריך, שוויץ
שוטרים שומרים על בית הכנסת בציריך, שוויץ
police outside a Zurich synagogue following a stabbing attack
(Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / AFP)
Terrorism experts quoted on local television said the terrorist swore his allegiance not only to the ISIS group but to its current leader, Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurayshi, an indication that he had considerable knowledge and ties in the Islamic State group.
The teen announced his intention to kill Jews and Christians and said he planned to enter a synagogue and "murder Jews and then continue the hunt for other infidels."
Swiss experts quoted in a local newspaper said it was unlikely that the terrorist acted alone and had likely received guidance or help in planning his attack. The believed he was radicalized online like many other Jihadists.
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