Global media finally reporting on Hamas sexual violence on October 7

After over two months of deafening silence both from media outlets around the world and the UN itself, first-hand accounts of Israeli women who went through the horrors of October 7 seemed to have made an impact, with even the BBC reporting on the horror

The world's leading media outlets seem to have turned a corner, and are focusing their attention on the unspeakable acts of sexual violence Hamas displayed toward women as they rampaged through Gaza border communities on October 7.
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These change comes following intense criticism leveled at international women's rights organizations that were conspicuously silent on the matter as the war against Hamas in Israel began unfolding, or even casting doubt on Israeli women's account of the horrors.
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הסיקור בעולם מעשי ה אונס של חמאס נגד נשים ב-7 באוקטובר
הסיקור בעולם מעשי ה אונס של חמאס נגד נשים ב-7 באוקטובר
Even the BBC is reporting it now
Just a couple of weeks ago, Canada's University of Alberta dismissed its Sexual Assault Center director, Samantha Pearson, for signing a letter reeking of antisemitism, heavily criticizing Israel for alleged "genocide" upon the Palestinian people, even as the IDF specifically allocated a corridor for civilians to move away from combat areas, a luxury not afforded to the civilians of Nir Oz, Be'eri, Kfar Aza and other Gaza-border communities on October 7.
Additionally, the letter made the claim of "unverified accusation that Palestinians were guilty of sexual violence," raising the ire of Israeli women's rights organizations, who saw this as a clear violation of feminist organizations' ethos, stating that any woman who raises her voice regarding sexual violence is to be taken at face value, rather than casting doubt on her sincerity due to her Jewish heritage.
On Monday, the UN Women organization condemned Hamas' acts of sexual violence on October 7, saying they were "alarmed" by the sheer volume of evidence of what occurred. On Tuesday, as the UN was being heavily criticized for its "too little, too late" response, it's NY headquarters was filled with various accounts of sexual violence committed by Hamas terrorists.
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הסיקור בעולם מעשי ה אונס של חמאס נגד נשים ב-7 באוקטובר
הסיקור בעולם מעשי ה אונס של חמאס נגד נשים ב-7 באוקטובר
The New York Times report
Even the BBC, notorious for its alarming reluctance to put the blame on terrorists who specifically went after unarmed civilians and repeatedly misrepresenting Israeli intentions regarding the military campaign inside the enclave, is now publishing articles that depict the sexual cruelty by Hamas terrorists upon Israeli women and girls.
Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women of Israel, May Golan, said only a few victims of sexual violence were left alive to give their account, and those that did somehow manage to walk away are being given psychological support to deal with the aftermath.
The New York Times, world renowned for its trustworthiness, reported the Israeli frustration at the world's reluctance to take their testimonies at face value regarding sexual violence on October 7, stating that Hamas' denial notwithstanding, the sheer amount of direct physical evidence points to these accounts being truthful.
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הסיקור בעולם מעשי ה אונס של חמאס נגד נשים ב-7 באוקטובר
הסיקור בעולם מעשי ה אונס של חמאס נגד נשים ב-7 באוקטובר
Israeli accounts garnering attention around the world
On Wednesday, Reuters documented the efforts that went into gathering all evidence and first hand accounts of Hamas sexual violence, as well as the hardships Israel faces when it comes to bringing those responsible to justice, and also actively helped collecting testimonies to back up Israeli claims.
Britain's Sunday Times published testimonies of Hamas' sexual violence, stating that rape seemed to have been something Hamas terrorists were aiming for prior to the beginning of the attack in the early hours of black Saturday. Additionally, it also called out the UN out for its late response to the horrors. The pro-Israel New York Post documented these acts as well.
The Guardian dedicated much of its recent reporting to the matter, stating the UN has heard testimonies of sexual violence and was heavily criticized by Israeli officials for its lackluster response to Israeli accounts of sexual violence by Hamas.
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