Syria says Israel attacked military targets around Damascus

Strike is second in as many days targeting Hezbollah assets in Syria; Saudi paper quotes source saying attack was on base used by military and Hezbollah; warns Damascus provides Iran-backed group with arms to use against Israel

Syria on Tuesday confirmed a strike on Damascus it said was carried out by Israel. The Ministry of Defense said that military targets were hit and that the Syrian air defenses intercepted some of the missiles.
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A security source told Saudi media that Israel struck a military base used by the Syrian forces and Hezbollah. "The Syrian military transfers weapons to Hezbollah to use in their fight against Israel," the source said.
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תיעוד ערבי מהתקיפות בדמשק, סוריה
תיעוד ערבי מהתקיפות בדמשק, סוריה
File photo of a strike attributed to Israel, on Damascus last month
"Continued arms smuggling from Syria will increase Israeli strikes on the military stores and the continued Syrian support of Hezbollah and Iran, will prevent it from achieving stability and the Syrian people will pay the price," he said.
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תיעוד: תקיפות בשטח לבנון וסוריה
תיעוד: תקיפות בשטח לבנון וסוריה
An Israeli strike on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon
(Photo: IDF)
The strike late on Monday, was the second in as many days. In the earlier attack, Hezbollah sites around Damascus were reportedly the target and after ammunition supplies were hit, explosions were heard in the area.
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