Douglas Murray: Israel is the only country who are never allowed to win a war

British author and journalist attracted extraordinary attention due to his pro-Israel remarks, as in a recent interview in which Murray firmly reaffirmed his criticisms of pro-Palestinian perspectives regarding the conflict
In the past week, amid deadly terror attacks by Hamas on Israel, renowned British political commentator and journalist Douglas Murray has notably stood out for his fervent advocacy for Israel.
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Murray's statements made waves when he appeared on Talktv, shedding light on the interviewer's consistent use of the term "proportionality" in relation to Israel's response in Gaza. “Proportionality in conflict rarely exists", and "Only the Israelis” are expected to have a "proportionate response” in a conflict.
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דאגלס מאריי
דאגלס מאריי
British political commentator and journalist Douglas Murray
(Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)
However, more statements have surfaced in the past week, and they too are gaining significant attention. In a recorded meeting with leaders of the Jewish community in the UK, Murray declared, "Israel seems to be the only country in the world who are never allowed to win war." He went on to describe that Britain itself has committed war crimes. "But whenever Israel begins to win it is told to stop."
"Proportionality is such a bad ethical thinking it should be chucked out from a first grader," Murray continued. "If thousands and thousands of British girls and others had just been brutally raped and murdered I think we would like more than a discussion from our friends about proportionality."
Insisting on a proportionate response "would mean that, in retaliation for what Hamas did in Israel on Saturday, Israel should try to locate a music festival in Gaza, for instance – and good luck with that – and rape precisely the number of women that Hamas raped on Saturday. Kill precisely the number of young people that Hamas killed on Saturday. They should find a town of exactly the same size as Sderot, and make sure they go door-to-door and kill precisely the correct number of babies that Hamas killed in Sderot on Saturday, and shoot in the head precisely the same number of old age pensioners as were shot in Sderot on Saturday, just to choose one town.”
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