Iranian munitions storage facility destroyed in attack attributed to Israel

Explosions are heard for hours in Damascus during predawn hours described by Russian linked news site to be caused by an Israeli missile strike on the Syrian capital

An Iranian depot located in Damascus, and containing munitions collected over time was targeted and completely destroyed, early on Sunday, according to the UK- based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The opposition group did not say if the attack was carried out by aircraft or came overland but did say that there was no knowledge of casualties.
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Earlier the Russian Sputnik news site reported explosions in the Syrian capital, from a missile strike attributed to Israel. according to that report, Syrian air defenses were activated and many of the missiles were intercepted before reaching their target. "Fighter jets fired multiple missiles toward the Damascus region," Sputnik said quoting a senior Syrian military official.
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תיעוד: תקיפה באזור דמשק, סוריה
תיעוד: תקיפה באזור דמשק, סוריה
A strike on Damascus, attributed to Israel
According to Ynet's senior security analyst Ron Ben-Yishai, if Israel was behind the strike, it was likely carried out by missiles fired from the ground and not by attacking aircraft.
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תקיפה בסוריה סוריה דמשק
תקיפה בסוריה סוריה דמשק
Bombing campaign near Damascus
(Photo: EPA)
An attack on Damascus last week, which was also attributed to Israel, killed six people, four of them identified as members of the Syrian military, while no details were given on the remaining two. According to some reports, among the casualties was a Syrian scientist who specialized in the production of precession weapon systems.
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