Gantz unveils fresh Israeli aid package for Ukraine, sans military support

Defense chief says aid will include construction of a smart missile defense alert system similar to the one that exists in Israel, slams Iran on lying about provision of attack drones to Russia
Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner|
Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced on Wednesday a new humanitarian aid package for Ukraine amid the Russian invasion while stressing there will be no change to Israeli policy regarding the provision of weapons or military equipment to the war-ravaged country.
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  • Speaking to EU ambassadors, Gantz said: “We'll continue to support and stand by Ukraine, NATO and the West, but we won't send weapons to Kyiv.
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    בני גנץ
    בני גנץ
    Benny Gantz
    (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry)
    We send humanitarian aid to Ukraine and provide lifesaving and defensive systems. We will continue to support Ukraine within our limits as we have done so far."
    Nevertheless, Gantz revealed that the aid package would include the construction of a smart missile defense alert system similar to the one that exists in Israel.
    "We called on Ukraine to give us information that would allow us to help build and provide a smart alert system against aerial and other threats," Gantz said. "This system will have advantages in saving civilian lives and concentrating the alerts and sirens in relevant areas."
    Gantz also touched on Iran's involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian war and tied Tehran's denial of supplying Moscow with arms to its nuclear program.
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    תרגיל צבאי באיראן
    תרגיל צבאי באיראן
    An Iranian ballistic missile test launch
    (Photo: AFP/SEPAH NEWS)
    "We clearly see that Iran is supplying Russia with offensive capabilities in the form of drones and will likely express readiness to supply additional, more advanced means soon."
    The minister added that "even when there is conclusive evidence of Iranian drones flying over Ukraine, Tehran is systematically lying about selling weapons."
    "If in this matter Iran is lying to the world, there is no doubt it will lie about everything related to developing a nuclear weapon, as it has done in the past. Therefore, we have to increase intelligence and operational cooperation within the international community. Nonetheless, Israel will continue to develop its capabilities independently."
    Gantz's comments came after The Washington Post reported that Iran plans on sending further missiles and drones to Russia. According to the report, intelligence sources from the U.S. and other ally countries confirmed that Iran has already sent Russia suicide drones that caused severe damage in Ukraine.
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