Iran warns Hezbollah: 'Don't give Netanyahu an excuse for a wider war'

Tehran warns of retaliation while urging its Middle East proxies to avoid escalation, believing the 'axis of resistance' holds a victorious stance, having focused attention on Palestinians and hindered regional normalization efforts

Iran, keen on destabilizing U.S. and Israeli interests in the Middle East while avoiding direct confrontation, is urging Hezbollah and its other proxy groups to exercise restraint against U.S. forces, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.
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The recent escalation of war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has further fueled tensions between the United States and Iran's proxy forces on multiple fronts. As a cease-fire remains elusive, Iran may soon face a critical test of its ability to control these allied militias.
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מזכ"ל חיזבאללה חסן נסראללה נפגש עם חוסיין אמיר עבדוללהיאן שר החוץ של איראן
מזכ"ל חיזבאללה חסן נסראללה נפגש עם חוסיין אמיר עבדוללהיאן שר החוץ של איראן
Hassan Nasrallah and the Iranian foreign minister
This month, Iranian officials convened with Hezbollah members in Lebanon, where one Hezbollah representative outlined Tehran's stance: Iran is not inclined to provide Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu any reason to launch a wider war on Lebanon or anywhere else.
Emphasizing the strength of the resistance axis, Iranian officials conveyed to Hezbollah leaders that recent events, particularly the war in Gaza, have refocused global attention on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, complicating efforts by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to normalize relations with Israel.
However, Iranian officials cautioned that these gains could be jeopardized if Israel initiates another front in Lebanon. Echoing this sentiment, the Hezbollah representative summarized the message: Netanyahu finds himself in a precarious position. We must not offer him an escape route. Allowing him to instigate a broader war would only elevate his standing as a victor.
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בנימין נתניהו
בנימין נתניהו
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(Photo: Marc Israel Sellem)
In addition, Iranian officials didn't just urge Hezbollah to refrain from escalating into warfare but also advised restraint regarding their activities in Iraq. Tehran warned the U.S. against any threats and emphasized its readiness to respond to any attacks against its interests. Additionally, Tehran requested caution from militias in Iraq, shortly after they attacked the American base in Erbil, resulting in three dead.
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