Partner of fallen LGBTQ IDF soldier decries inequality, Knesset speaker intervenes

Cpt. (res.) Sagi Golan was killed in the battle of Kibbutz Be'eri shortly before he was to marry his partner Omer, who reveals that the army ignored the matter and did not recognize him as the partner of the fallen soldier

Yuval Karni|
The tragic story of Captain (res.) Sagi Golan, a soldier in the special forces counter-terrorism unit who fell in the battle over kibbutz Be'eri, highlights the absurdity and discrimination that IDF troops from the LGBTQ community endure, not only during their service but also after their passing.
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On the fateful day of the massacre, Golan rushed to Be'eri without hesitation to save lives and protect families. Golan, who was supposed to marry his partner, Omer Ohana, just a week prior, led a team of troops and encountered numerous terrorists before losing his life. Despite this, according to Omer, the IDF did not recognize him as Golan's partner and chose to ignore the matter.
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סרן (מיל׳) שגיא גולן ז"ל ובן זוגו עומר
סרן (מיל׳) שגיא גולן ז"ל ובן זוגו עומר
Omer Ohana and his late partner Captain (res.) Sagi Golan
Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, the first openly gay person to hold the post, appealed to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, urging that soldiers from the LGBTQ community who fall during their military service not be ostracized. Ohana revealed that he has received complaints from LGBTQ soldiers who fear that if the worst happens, the state may treat them unfairly.
"At this challenging time, as IDF soldiers and security forces prepare for a tough and prolonged battle against Israel's enemies, LGBTQ soldiers are also among them," Ohana wrote to Gallant. "Some have reached out to me with a heavy sense of concern that they might be mistreated. It's essential to emphasize the self-evident truth that there is no distinction between one life and another and no difference when it comes to the rights granted by the law, regardless of the context."
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אמיר אוחנה
אמיר אוחנה
Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana
(Photo: Gil Yochanan)
However, Ohana did not mention that had Golan not been killed and if they had married on Israeli soil, the State of Israel would not have recognized their union.
Opposition leader Yair Lapid also weighed in on the matter, saying, "Captain (res.) Sagi Golan, a soldier in the special forces counter-terrorism unit, fell in the battle over Be'eri. Sagi and his partner, Omer, were about to get married. The State of Israel must treat Omer exactly like they would any partner of a fallen soldier. If Sagi was brave enough to give his life for his country, he deserves his country to honor his heart's choice, allow him to bring a child into the world and embrace him with love. I promise you, Omer, I will stand by your side."
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