'Argentinian Trump': This is the pro-Israeli president, who will make his first stop at the Western Wall

Milei, an avid supporter of Israel who proudly displayed a dog tag symbolizing solidarity with the hostages held in Gaza, will visit along with Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, who is slated to assume the role of Argentina's ambassador to Israel

Argentina's newly elected president, Javier Milei, is set to arrive Tuesday at Ben Gurion Airport, accompanied by his spiritual guide, Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, who is slated to serve as Argentina's ambassador to Israel.
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This marks Milei's first visit to Israel since declaring his intention to move the embassy to Jerusalem, a pro-Israel stance that sets a precedent for an Argentine president.
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נשיא ארגנטינה חאבייר מיליי ב יום השבעתו
נשיא ארגנטינה חאבייר מיליי ב יום השבעתו
Argentinian President Javier Milei
(Photo: Pablo Porciuncula/AFP)
Milei has announced plans to visit the Western Wall upon his arrival, where he will also sign his visit in the site's guestbook on Friday. He is scheduled to meet with President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his stay.
Additionally, Milei intends to meet with the families of the hostages and visit the Gaza envelope region. True to his campaign promise, this trip fulfills Milei's commitment to make Israel his first official foreign visit.
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נשיא ארגנטינה חוויאר מיליי
נשיא ארגנטינה חוויאר מיליי
Announced plans to visit the Western Wall
(Photo: REUTERS/Tomas Cuesta)
Axel Wahnish played a crucial role in bringing Milei closer to Judaism and was an honored guest at the inauguration ceremony. Then-Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and a delegation of Argentine citizens - family members of the hostages holding dual Israeli citizenship - participated in Milei's swearing-in ceremony in December. In a poignant moment, Cohen handed Milei a dog tag inscribed in Hebrew: "Our heart is captive in Gaza," delivering a clear pro-Israel message.
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