Security officials warn: politicians could prompt 3rd West Bank intifada

In unusual move, officials speak-out against decision made by political leadership including to prevent Palestinian workers from entering Israel, ignoring and weakening PA further amid financial crisis, while Hamas funnels funds into West Bank

Security officials have been voicing concerns over a possible flare-up in the violence on the West Bank that could lead to a third intifada, Palestinian uprising, due to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to further prohibit Palestinians from entering Israel for work.
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In an unusual move, a defense official spoke out against the political leaders who are preventing a discussion on the matter. "The same politicians who are inciting, calling for the Palestinian Authority to be dissolved and insisting on preventing Palestinian workers from entering the country, are knowingly and maybe intentionally, leading to a third intifada," he said.

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ישיבת ממשלה
ישיבת ממשלה
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a cabinet meeting earlier in the month
(Photo: GPO)
Since the outbreak of war, the IDF has been aggressively operating to counter terrorism in the West Bank, in a scope not seen since the early 2000s. They have been conducting raids on refugee camps where the most violence has occurred, arresting suspects and confiscating arms.
Thus far, some raids have lasted 40, 60 and even 70 hours in places like the Jenin camp, Nur a Shams refugee camp, Tulkarm, to name but a few. Hundreds of terrorists have been killed and thousands of suspects arrested including 1,500 members of Hamas. The military also used drones and heavy engineering equipment in their operations.
Security officials said those raids change the situation on the ground on a daily basis but there are concerns that the military achievements would be for naught without dealing with the PA.
"We are not talking about extensive negotiations. Simple things. Something, like workers, security cooperation. Things that can strengthen the PA," an official said. "These places wher we operated were violent and full of terror, so much so, that the PA no longer dares enter them. All our work must be preserved."
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המעצרים במחנה הפליטים נור א-שמס
המעצרים במחנה הפליטים נור א-שמס
IDF troops round up suspects in Nur a Shams refugee camp raid
(Photo: Majdi Mohammed / AP)
The main concern in the defense establishments is that the tension rising on the Palestinian streets, over comments by Israeli politicians that the PA cannot be a partner, and because workers cannot go to their jobs, can cause violence to erupt in a slew of fatal terror attacks.
Preventing the Palestinians from work in Israel, makes the PA's already dire economic crisis worse while Hamas has been infusing funds into the refugee camps and into villages, to entice young Palestinians to take up arms.
Another concern is that Hamas prisoners freed in the November hostage deal may also return to terror. "There are hundreds of Hamas people, or those who owe their freedom to Hamas, roaming freely in the area."
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