Military intelligence base fails mock infiltration test

For 3 hours, audit team members posing as officers roamed the elite 8200 intelligence base, accessed operational areas, collected documents, and had the potential to cause damage to infrastructure and personnel  

An IDF General Staff audit team impersonated officers last month and successfully infiltrated the 8200 Intelligence Unit base at Glilot Camp in Ramat Hasharon, and for nearly three hours, roamed the base unimpeded, accessing operational areas, gathering hundreds of classified documents, and extracting data from secure computers, Ynet learned on Thursday.
Three audit team members entered the secured base late at night through the main gate without being checked, and if they had been actual enemies, they could have harmed the bases' infrastructure and personnel.
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בסיס 8200 בגלילות
בסיס 8200 בגלילות
The 8200 Intelligence Unit base at Glilot Camp
(Photo: Yariv Katz)
In the early morning, realizing the extent of the security breach and their unrestricted access, the auditors halted their operation and contacted the relevant commanders of Unit 8200, responsible for code deciphering and enemy signal detection. They informed the unit commanders that they could have easily photographed and transmitted the sensitive materials they accessed without being stopped.
The IDF attempted to downplay the breach, stating that follow-up inspections have been more successful, although only a month has passed, and such issues are typically reviewed over longer periods. Military Intelligence added that the auditors did not enter operational command centers and noted that nearly 30 soldiers and officers had been punished, though only junior personnel were affected, with punishments ranging from confinement to reprimands.
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יחידה 8200 8.9.22
יחידה 8200 8.9.22
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"Six months after Hamas terrorists, disguised as soldiers, infiltrated sensitive bases in the western Negev, and we have learned nothing," said intelligence sources, shocked by the findings at Unit 8200.
"There’s no need to breach a border; you can just come to central Israel, wear an officer's uniform, and easily access the core of our intelligence. Senior commanders in such a strategic unit failed to take practical responsibility for their direct failures, and it's no surprise no officer was dismissed."
The IDF spokesperson said in response: "The camp protection system array conducts regular surprise security audits. The incident was thoroughly investigated, and all relevant personnel were disciplined. The audit findings were conveyed to commanders to improve base security."
Military sources added: "Contrary to claims, the auditors identified themselves about two hours after entering the base, having failed to access operational command centers or the armory. All involved in the incident were appropriately punished. In recent weeks, several additional successful General Staff inspections have been conducted at the unit."
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