Show, don't tell: Envoys from Spain, Ireland, Norway forced to watch Hamas video

In reprimand meeting over their countries' intention to recognize a Palestinian state, the ambassadors watched the footage of Hamas terrorists after abducting female IDF soldiers; 'Recognition could be seen as rewarding Hamas' actions'

Angered by the intention of Spain, Norway and Ireland to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state after the horrors of October 7, Israel's Foreign Ministry summoned the countries' ambassadors for a stern reprimand. This move has incited significant diplomatic tensions, with Israel making its discontent abundantly clear.
The three ambassadors watch the video
(Video: Alex Kolomoisky)
At the heart of the meeting was a harrowing video depicting the abduction of female IDF soldiers by Hamas terrorists. Yaakov (Kobi) Blitstein, director-general of the Foreign Ministry, directly addressed the ambassadors — Per Egil Selvaag from Norway, Sonya McGuinness from Ireland, and Ana Marie Salomon from Spain. Blitstein, speaking on behalf of Foreign Minister Israel Katz, delivered a blunt message: "Your recognition of a Palestinian state does not bring peace; it strengthens Hamas and complicates efforts to secure the release of hostages."
Blitstein warned of severe repercussions for the diplomatic relations between Israel and the three countries. He emphasized Israel's unwavering commitment to its goals: the return of the hostages, the collapse of Hamas and the restoration of security for Israeli citizens. "There are no more just causes than these," he asserted.
The Spanish ambassador spoke to reporters on the way out of the meeting. "The video was shocking, inconceivable. Spain is a friend to Israel," she said.

Diplomatic fallout as Israeli envoys recalled

Following the meeting, Katz ordered the recall of Israel's ambassador from Spain for consultations, mirroring actions already taken with Ireland and Norway. Katz did not mince words, declaring:"History will remember that Spain, Norway and Ireland chose to side with the murderers and rapists of Hamas. Israel will not remain silent – there will be severe consequences."
The Foreign Ministry is contemplating closing Israel's embassy in Ireland due to its perceived anti-Israel stance. Additionally, there are proposals to indefinitely delay the return of Israel's ambassador to Norway. A political source noted that the three countries belong to the "far-left within Europe," and while their decision is provocative, it was not entirely unexpected. "This move will not advance the Palestinian cause nor significantly harm Israel," the source added.
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 הקרנת סרטון חטיפת התצפיתניות לשגרירי נורבגיה, אירלנד וספרד
 הקרנת סרטון חטיפת התצפיתניות לשגרירי נורבגיה, אירלנד וספרד
Exposing them to the horrors
In response to these developments, Israel plans to appeal to the U.S. administration to address the relevant countries and clarify America's opposition to the recognition of a Palestinian state. Israel will request a public statement from the U.S. and seek support from key members of Congress and Jewish organizations in the U.S. to publicly denounce the recognition and convey their strong opposition.

President Isaac Herzog responds

President Isaac Herzog addressed the situation in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, criticizing the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. He described these actions as "futile steps" that hinder progress in the region and complicate efforts to release hostages. "Such recognition could be seen as rewarding Hamas' actions," Herzog warned. He conveyed his concerns to the leaders of the respective countries, emphasizing that declaring a Palestinian state without defined borders or a solid foundation only exacerbates the conflict.
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