Iranian terror squad in Cyprus targeted Chabad House, Mossad says

Officials in Jerusalem say the video-taped confession obtained by Mossad agents in Iran, from an Iranian IRGC operative is an embarrassment to the Tehran regime

Footage of Mossad interrogation of head of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps terror cell

Israel's intelligence service Mossad reveals additional details about the capture of an Iranian terror squad sent to Cyprus to target Israelis including plans to attack the Chabad House in Limassol.
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Earlier, Mossad revealed a videotaped confession of an Iranian operative who was sent to Cyprus to murder an Israeli businessman. Officials in Jerusalem said that the revelation of agents able to tape a confession, on Iranian soil, was an embarrassment for Iran. They praised the cooperation with Cypriot authorities and foreign intelligence services.
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בית חב"ד בלימסול, קפריסין
בית חב"ד בלימסול, קפריסין
Limassol Chabad House
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The officials added that they hoped that the arrest of the terror squad in Cyprus, would also send a message to Turkey, where the Iranian had fled to, after discovering Cypriot security services were on his heels, and expect that the Erdogan government would prevent similar use of their territory in the future.
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כרטיס הטיסה של העצור האיראני
כרטיס הטיסה של העצור האיראני
The airline ticket used by an Iranian operative who planned to target Israelis in Cyprus
Mossad said it would continue to act decisively to prevent attacks on Jews and Israelis, and in a message to Iran, added that anyone planning to strike against Israelis and Jews would be reached by Mossad, even on Iranian soil. also said it would continue to act decisively to prevent attacks on Jews and Israelis.
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