Lebanon says Hezbollah utilized new anti-tank missile against Israel

The Iran-backed Lebanese terror organization releases clip allegedly showing its new rocket hitting an IDF outpost in northern Israel; military denies attack

Footage of the alleged strike released by Hezbollah

Hezbollah claimed on Thursday it targeted an Israeli radar located at an IDF post tank near the Rosh HaNikra in northern Israel and an unusual documentation from the missile's camera, showing its trajectory up to the moment of impact. The Lebanese terrorist organization also showed a map indicating where the strike occurred.
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According to Hezbollah, the attack took place during the morning hours, and added it launched two strike drones toward an Iron Dome battery. However, the IDF reported that the outpost wasn’t hit, and Hezbollah’s video isn’t dated to Thursday.
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זה המיקום של מוצב ג'ל אל-עלאם
זה המיקום של מוצב ג'ל אל-עלאם
Alleged location Hezbollah claimed was hit by its anti-tank missile
On Friday, Lebanese news outlet Al Akhbar reported that the anti-tank missile seen in the video is an ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile), and it was seen in the video for the first time, despite being in use by Hezbollah for some time. Its operation mechanism is similar to the Kornet missile, transmitting images of its trajectory.
According to the newspaper, the missile's advantage lies in its ability to fly in an arc and reach concealed targets. The fact that it transmits images allows the identification of the target prior to the strike itself. Al Akhbar claimed the video raised concerns within the IDF regarding Hezbollah's capability to target concealed tanks.
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יירוטים בשמי מעלות
יירוטים בשמי מעלות
Rocket fired at Israel from Lebanon
(Photo: Kobi Lasri)
Meanwhile, Hezbollah's fire aimed at Israel’s northern region continued Friday. Sirens sounded in Margaliot at 7:49 a.m., and shortly afterward, at least one missile was reported to have landed in an open area with no reported injuries.
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